Thursday, November 27, 2014


The Solms Photo Exchange attracts Leica fans from many countries.

When Wetzlar Leica specialist Lars Netopil invites to the photo exchange on Saturday, November 29 from 11 am to 5 pm at the Taunushalle (Taunus hall), friends of photography come from all over the world to this little town in the middle of Hesse, especially fans of the world famous Leica, to see the treasures up closely.  Last year there were several hundred collectors who visited the 87 exhibitors.

 To look at, to touch, to talk shop, to search and to find

At the exhibitions in the Taunushalle visitors will be able to purchase everything from classic cameras to lenses to accessories like light meters, batteries, camera bags, flash attachments, tripods, literature and a lot more.  Of course many high quality makes of cameras will be offered, but when it comes to the cameras with the red dot, the eyes of the collectors assembled at Solms will appear to be a bit brighter.

Take watchmaker Johann Schepers from Staufenberg for instance, he has his Leica rarities in daily use and many stopped to marvel at his Leica I from 1930 in the past.  Even though it looks inconspicuous, it still produces outstanding pictures.

Johann Schepers with his Leica 1 from 1930

“That is what fascinates me so much, the precision and the finest mechanisms still function like clockwork after 80 years – the monetary value leaves me cold,” the hobby photographer marvels while showing his outstanding color photographs of the Antarctic to those interested.

“Photography only works with film and without automation for me,” he declares categorically and the visitors eye the camera veteran with virtual reverence. 

Everywhere they talk shop, try things out, rummage and negotiate and one or the other long sought after piece, which was missing in the collection and which isn’t even offered elsewhere any longer, will be found.

Most photographers and collectors feel very much at home in the loose atmosphere of the camera lovers in the Taunushalle.  Time after time they look for discussions and exchange of experiences.  Fans always look forward to the Solmser Fotobörse and the possibilities to catch a treasured favorite piece of equipment.

Lars Netopil will also make his new book “Rare Leicas” available at the Solms Fotobörse.  Judging by past successes, it is safe to assume that this year’s Fotobörse will be just as successful as it has been in the past.

Admission is 5 Euro. For more information, contact Lars Netopil at (06441) 41 03 78.


Please Note:  All the items below are subject to a 20% discount off the listed prices until the end of December 2014.

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