Monday, July 20, 2015


A while ago we decided to spend a month in the Dominican Republic.  We were not interested in the typical tourist spots; instead we looked for an area away from it all.  We found this on the Samana peninsula, more specifically in Las Terrenas with its incredible Playa Bonita.

After arriving in Puerto Plata from Miami, we had to set out on an adventurous two and a half hour ride by van to Las Terrenas.  People definitely drive differently there.  But we made it without incident in spite of the driving and roads that consisted of pot holes connected by bits of asphalt.

We settled in at the Hotel Coyamar, a very nice but small, ten room establishment.  After spending an evening in the Coya Bar we settled in for the night, looking forward to exploring the surroundings.

The hotel was only a few feet from the Playa Bonita, praised as one of the most beautiful bays in the Caribbean.  What followed were four weeks of total relaxation with great weather, great food and great people.

Hotel Coyamar

Evening at the Coya Bar

View of the Playa Bonita from the hotel

Playa Bonita

Landscaping at the Hotel Coyamar

A new friend

Road along the Palya Bonita

Looks are deceiving - This restaurant served incredibly delicious grilled fish

Las Terrenas

 Last evening at the Playa Bonita

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  1. Love these images....they portray the find relaxing time you had there. the colors are great......

    1. Thanks Bill. It was certainly relaxing. Going back is definitely on our bucket list.

  2. Lovely! I plan to visit in a few weeks from Florida. Is there anything you'd recommend I see or try?

    1. Our visit to the Dominican Republic was limited to just the Samana peninsula in the northeast. While we enjoyed that very much, unfortunately, I cannot be of much help as far as the rest of the country is concerned.