Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Over the last few years a number of very high class accessories and parts are being offered that are of a quality level equal to Leica.  These range from handmade leather cases and neckstraps to adapters and other accessories.  Many have been welcomed by Leica owners because they can definitely complete any Leica system.

Among the unique items offered by MGR Production is an adjustable eyepiece magnifier 
and replacement leatherette covers in a large variety of colors

Please welcome our latest sponsor MGR Production.  They offer a unique pallet of items specifically designed for Leica cameras.  They range from beautifully made half cases to replacement leatherette covers, adjustable M-camera eyepiece magnifiers, Lens adapters, lens hood and more.

MGR Production also offers a variety of high quality lens adapters for Leica M type cameras 
as well as their unique repainting service

MGR Production items are all made with extreme care and quality to be considered as worthwhile accessories for Leica cameras.  Take a look, you might find something that you and your Leica cannot live without.

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Inventive Camera Bags for All of Your Gear

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The Idea of Man
Ming Thein
October 2 - 31

Opening Reception: October 2
6:00 – 9:00 pm

The Rangefinder Gallery
300 West Superior St
Chicago, IL
Ming Thein's fascinating photographs have been shown around the world. This series, The Idea of Man, offers images that are at once universal and immediately intimate - "a catalog of human behavior and thought .... there is always hope and possibility."

Join us next Friday evening,
October 2nd at 6 pm for the
opening reception with the artist.

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Please make payment via PayPal to GMP Photography

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Please make payment via PayPal to GMP Photography

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Please make payment via PayPal to GMP Photography


  1. The eye piece magnifier looks interesting. I just wish it would be a bit smaller.

    1. Those are my thoughts as well. I am interested because I do use the 135mm Elmarit a fair amount of time.

  2. I wonder if the camera adapters are equal in quality to the ones from Novoflex. The price is certainly attractive. The fact that it is noticeably higher than some other, similar adapters from other companies makes me think that they are definitely a cut above.

    1. What I have seen from MGR Production so far makes me believe that the quality of their items is definitely quite high.