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Jobo, one of the major manufacturers of lab equipment for analog photography has introduced a new analog processor, the CPE-3 as well as several laboratory kits.  Under the motto “Get real.  Go analog” the company is trying to follow the trend of increased sales by film manufacturers.  Here the former leading manufacturer of laboratory equipment sees significant growth, especially with roll and sheet films.

Already four years ago Jobo introduced the professional Jobo CPP-3 processor which they consider indispensable for processing sheet film in their Expert Drums.   With the introduction of the more affordable CPE-3 Jobo now offers a solution for smaller budgets as well.

 CPE 3ohne Lift small

The Jobo CPE-3 allows the development of both color and black and white films.  After attaching thanks or drums to the processor, they are automatically rotated alternately in both directions.  This ensures optimal uniformity and repeatability.  In addition, the temperature-controlled water bath ensures exact development results.  The unit can develop sheet film up to 9x12 cm (4x5 inch) and paper sizes up to 30x40 cm (12x16 inch).  In addition it can develop all types of film from 35mm to medium format roll film.

 CPE 3 B_Small
Jobo CPE-3 with Jobo Lift

Chemicals and developing drums are kept in the same thermostatically controlled 9-liter water bath.  The temperature is continuously adjustable from 20 ° to 40 ° degrees Celsius (68˚F to 104˚F) within +/- 0.2 °.  A red light indicates the operation of the heater.  All bottles and containers have a designated place. Thus, the water level is constant and ensures optimal temperature control.

The semi-automatic processor CPE-3 has an estimated cost of 1190 euros.  The significantly more precise working and easy-to-use Jobo lift is available as CPE-3 with the lift kit for around 1590 euros.  The lift kit alone is priced at 489 euros.

Starter Kit L e-mail
Jobo Starter Kit L

For starters in the analog laboratory with its own black and white film developing,  Jobo offers three different laboratory kits.  The small kit with the Jobo tank 1510 offers everything in needed in order to start immediately with the development of 35 mm black and white film. It includes a developing tank, film reel, two bottles, two graduates, a set of film clips and a thermometer.

The Laborkit M contains the larger 1520 developing tank, which can accommodate two 35 mm films or two 120 roll films. For easy, archival washing, the Jobo Cascade film washer is included also.

The Laborkit L is supplied with the even larger 1540 developing tank.  Also included is a roller base which enables particularly efficient rotary development with minimal chemical consumption.
All of the Jobo laboratory kits offer the analog photographer a price advantage of over 40 percent with savings of 89, 129 or 189 euros respectively.

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