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Please allow me to introduce our latest sponsor with the motto, "Eat, Breathe, Sleep Live Leica", Red Dot Cameras.  Named after the prestigious Leica logo, they are located in London’s Goswell Road, Clerkenwell, just a ten minute walk from Old Street and a five minute walk from Barbican London Underground stations.

Red Dot Cameras is proud to be a Leica Boutique Dealership, the pinnacle and final word in Leica dealers.  They carry the complete range of Leica products, from the smallest compact camera to the latest S body, all available for demonstration and purchase at the store.

Red Dot Cameras offers an unparalleled experience for every Leica lover, whether their interests lie in the classics of yesteryear, the latest digital technology of today, or anything else in between.

Alongside the cameras, the shop also offers an extensive range of used Leica equipment, as well as accessories that include Leica manuals, books, Manfrotto tripods and Billingham bags.  A full repair and servicing facility is also offered, and customers own Leica equipment can be sold outright or on a commission basis.

All new cameras on sale at Red Dot Cameras are sourced from Leica UK and carry a full world-wide guarantee.


Red Dot Cameras is run by Ivor and Elaine Cooper, with the help of three knowledgeable Leica users Brian Parkes, Francis Qureshi and Ash Smith.

Ivor has been selling cameras in London for more than 30 years, having worked previously for some of London’s top classic camera companies. He says, "Leica cameras have been my life, I’m an avid user of the cameras and have probably sold more new models during the past 15 years than anyone else in the UK. So it was my mission to open my own store dedicated exclusively to Leica, offering an unrivalled expertise in all things bearing the famous red dot."

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