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Leica just announced firmware update for the Leica M10. The main improvement is beter compatibility with all SD cards.  About 40 members of the Leica Blog conducted a closed beta test. 50 different SD cards of various manufacturers were tested, especially products which caused problems in the past.  Testing was concluded with no complaints at all.

According to Leica, other new features include, for example, optimized color-coding of the status bar for SD memory cards and battery level, which now change from green to yellow to red as the battery charge lessens or as the card becomes full. The ‘Favorites Menu’ has also been revised: up to 15 menu entries can now be realized and a second favourites page opens after adding more than seven entries. In addition to these new features, users now have even faster access to the main menu – it can now be opened by pressing the Menu button in the Favorites Menu. The same button can also be used for page-by-page scrolling.

Another new feature enables the selection of the target display for automatic review on the monitor screen. The menu entry now offers the alternatives ‘Auto’, ‘EVF’ or ‘Display’ as target options. Furthermore, ‘Edit Favorites’ now allows the activation of direct access to ‘M-ISO’ as a Favorites Menu item. The new firmware update also brings a further significant reduction in the lag (dark screen) between exposure and display when taking pictures in Live View mode.

To download the new firmware go here

Leica will not be participating in the 2017 PhotoPlus Expo in New York City

According to Leica :

We wanted you to be the first to know about a change in our typical fall events schedule.

This year, Leica Camera will hold a four-day program running October 25-28 in New York City. You will not see Leica at the annual PhotoPlus Expo this year – rather you will be able to stop by our Leica Store located in nearby SoHo at your leisure throughout the weekend.

During this time, we will provide special programming and events as well as access to all products – both at the Leica Store SoHo and potentially other locations throughout the city. We will feature our renowned Leica Akademie workshops, with Leica company representatives on hand to answer questions.

We’ve made the decision to not participate in PPE because we want to give you, our respected customers, a more personal Leica experience during your visit to New York. Over the last five years Leica Camera has created a network of customized stores and boutiques – including SoHo, Willoughby’s and Gagosian in New York City – which offers our customers a unique experience in the photography world. With Leica Stores now open in Boston, New York City, Washington, DC., Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Bellevue along with Leica Boutique locations open across the country, our friends and customers have direct access to knowledgeable Leica Experts and our products throughout the country, throughout the year.

We invite all our friends and customers far and wide making the trip to Manhattan to escape the crowds and enjoy Leica in an inspiring atmosphere with us.

We’ll have more details to share as October draws closer. We look forward to seeing you then.

New Leica TL2 camera and Noctilux-M 75mm f/1.25 ASPH lens

Leica TL  

While not yet officially announced, these two new items are listed on the Leica product pages on the official Leica website already.  However, if you go here and here, you will get a note saying: 403 VERBOTEN DER SERVER HAT IHRE ANFRAGE ZUR√úCKGEWIESEN!

Obviously, these two items wouldn’t have been incorporated into the official Leica website if they were not to be introduced soon.  Stay tuned.

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