Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Some of the strangest reasons for repair on a camera that I have ever seen are the following:

One gentleman came into the store with a camera that was obviously water damaged.  I asked him if he had gone canoeing.  He proceeded to tell me that he had dropped the camera into a toilet.  Happens all the time.

Another camera was in a very bad state.  It seemed to have gotten wet, but somehow looked different and strangely discolored inside the mirror housing.  The explanation was thart someone had dropped an egg into it when the lens was removed.  I have heard of strange ingredients for an omelet, but that one is pushing it.

One of my customers had just purchased a new Leica R4 the moment we received the first shipment of the new camera.  It was less than a week when he returned with the camera totally beaten up.  Of course I was curious what happened.  His explanation sounded quite familiar; he had walked up to his car and set the camera on the roof to find his keys.  After driving off he saw his new Leica bounce along the road in his rear view mirror.  We sent the camera to Leica to have it repaired or replaced under their passport guarantee.  A week had gone by when the customer came in to inquire about his camera.  I explained that it would take a while longer for it to be taken care off. 

“I don’t want to wait that long to try out my new camera,” he explained, “give me another one with the same lens.”

He left, happy to be able to shoot with his new Leica R4.  Surprisingly, the camera that fell off the roof of his car was in good enough shape to be repaired rather than needing to be replaced.  That camera became a proud possession of his daughter.  

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