Monday, December 10, 2012


Over the years, Leica has made a number of specially modified cameras for testing purposes.  These cameras do present an exclusive range of extremely rare cameras, many of which are unknown to the general public.

I just obtained some pictures of one of these Leica test cameras.  This one was specially modified by Leitz to check focus at the film plane and to show the internal workings of the rangefinder.  The camera does not show any specific engravings, but it has a special serial number engraved to designate it as a special test model.

If any reader of this blog has any information about other modified test cameras, I would very much appreciate hearing about it.

Test camera showing specially installed ground glass to check focus at the film plane
Photo courtesy of Don Goldberg

The same camera with a cut-out to reveal the rangefinder
Photo courtesy of Don Goldberg

The specially engraved serial number
Photo courtesy of Don Goldberg

Don Goldberg is the owner of this camera.  He is interested in selling it.  You can reach Don at:

DAG Camera Service
2128 Vintage Drive
Oregon WI 53575 USA
608 875 3342

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