Tuesday, September 24, 2013


On November 23, WestLicht of Vienna will once again offer a variety of rare camera equipment for auction.  These will of course include some rare and unique Leica items.

WestLicht is known to have set several records.  A Leica 0 series camera was sold for the sensational price of 2.16 million euros, and last November the legendary M3D was sold for 1.68 million euros and is now the most expensive camera from a serial production ever.

Here are some of the highlight of the Leica equipment that will be offered:


Leica I Mod. ‘C Luxus’

Opening Bid: 90,000 EUR
Estimate: 150,000-200,000 EUR

The Leica I Mod. C ‘Luxus’ is in 100% original and fine condition.
The camera with gold-plated metal parts and lizard skin body was never restored and has the typical patina.
Only 95 ‘Luxus’ cameras were produced from 1929 to 1931.


Leica IIIf No. 500000

Opening Bid: 120.000 EUR
Estimate: 200,000-250,000 EUR

Westlicht will also sell the famous presentation camera for Dr. Ernst Leitz II.
The camera is in good original condition, with matching Elmar 3.5/5cm, was exhibited in the Leitz Museum (with original red museum sticker ‘M 163′ on base plate) and was part of the Surat Collection
Year: 1950
Serialnumber: 500000


Leica M3 Chrom No. 1000000

Opening Bid: 200.000 EUR
Estimate: 400,000-500,000 EUR

This famous camera is the ‘One Millionth Leica’. The Leica M3 is in fine original condition, with matching and mint CF Summicron 2/50mm. It was exhibited in the Leitz Museum (with original yellow museum sticker ‘M 964′ on base plate) and was part of the Surat Collection.
Year: 1960
Serialnumber: 1000000


Leica M3 chrom ‘Leica Technik’

Opening Bid: 80,000 EUR
Estimate: 150,000-200,000 EUR

Outfit including very early M3 body no.700051 in original condition, engraved ‘Leica Technik 57′ on rear of top plate.
Offered with 3 prototype lenses:
Rigid Summicron 2/50 no.000345
M3 Summicron 2/35 no.000263
Elmarit 2.8/90 no.000270
(all prototype lenses in fine condition with caps).
This was the personal camera outfit of Theo Kisselbach, directly purchased by the current owner in 1966!
Year: 1953
Serial no.:700051

Westlicht Catalogue

The complete and detailed catalogues to this auction will be published 4-5 weeks prior to the auction date.

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