Monday, January 25, 2016


Leica introduced a new pair of binoculars, the Leica Geovid-R modles.


Geovid-R 42 and R 56 - Concentration on Essentials

Leica presents a new member of the highly successful Geovid family: the Leica Geovid-R models. They unite superior optical performance, reliable distance measurement and ballistic angle compensation. What’s more, the Geovid-R models offer comfortable viewing for longer periods of observation, classical, ergonomic design for optimum grip and fatigue-free viewing, as well as uncompromising quality in construction and finish.

‘With the newly developed Leica Geovid-R models, we concentrate intensely on our core values: high-performance optical systems, maximum optical and mechanical reliability, precise distance measurement and rock solid ballistics. Thanks to highly-efficient manufacturing processes and concentration on essentials, we have been able to create a product with unique performance for the asking price. Now, no one will have to choose between conventional binoculars or a rangefinder any more’, explains Marcus Zeidler, Head of Product Management Leica Sport Optics (Wetzlar).

All models feature a comfortably wide field of view and are ideal for scanning broad terrain. Leica Geovid-R 56 binoculars are a dependable hunting companion in unfavourable light, the low contrast of dawn and dusk and at particularly long distances.
Find out more about the Leica Geovid-R models at Find out more about the Leica Geovid-R models here.

All the best for 2016 - Innovation and Tradition

 Leica Further writes: 

A great and eventful year has come to an end. Now is a good time to review “our” year 2015. In the past twelve months we have again worked hard to offer you sport optics products that stand out for high-performance optics, excellent mechanics, sophisticated construction and finish as well as comfortable handling.

Spring was dominated by the universal Magnus 1.8-12x50 presented at the trade fair IWA. In summer we introduced the Leica Magnus riflescope 1.6-3x24. With its outstanding 44m field of view this riflescope offers highest safety and maximum flexibility. In autumn we launched the Leica Geovid 8x56 HD-B and 8x56 HD-R (Type 500). These models impress by extremely good stray-light suppression and perfect comfort when viewing.

In 2016 we would like to continue developing and improving our products. We have already started with that in January: The new Leica Geovid-R models unite premium optics and long-established and proven laser technology at an incomparably reasonable price - this makes them the ideal binoculars for your entry into the world of Leica Geovid.

Whether riflescope, binoculars, rangefinder or digiscope – we hope that your Leica sport optics devices continue to be useful and trusty companions when hunting. We wish you a healthy, happy and successful year 2016.

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