Monday, February 27, 2017


The possibility of more good news for film photographers was mentioned by Dr. Andreas Kaufmann, Majority owner and chairman of the supervisory board of Leica Camera AG.  When asked in an interview by German magazine PROFIFOTO what we might look forward to in the next five years, he answered that technologically, this is difficult to answer.  But he is certain that the Leica M system will be around in 5 years and beyond.

Kaufmann then went on saying that it is plausible that Leica will develop a new analog M camera as well as a new Focomat enlarger.  “We are paying close attention to the development of the analogue photo market, but at the moment this area seems too small for us to get even more involved.” As far as sensor technology is concerned, he does not see any large breakthroughs.

When asked if the Leica S system is under pressure by the new, mirrorless medium-format systems from Fujifilm and Hasselblad, he answered that is is quite difficult to develop a new medium format system with all the necessary lenses and that these newly announced systems need to prove themselves under actual professional photography conditions.  “In the case of lenses, the development takes about two years, Therefore it will take time until the mentioned systems are developed into a practical system.”

When asked why the Leica M system is not part of the new Leica Professional business unit, Kaufmann answered that the Leica M system is certainly used by professional photographers, that, however, the emphasis of Leica Professional lies with the S and SL system, that these are the professional systems which in many ways help to develop their own photographic language.  “If you want to conquer the pro-market, you must also win over the rental service. In the next 12 to 15 months Leica Professional will develop numerous new offers.”

For the full interview go to PROFIFOTO

More Leica or Leica related news comes for Huawei with the introduction of their new Huawei P10 series of smartphones.  Special attention was paid with the P10 and the P10 Plus to the camera performance and high-quality production. The lens and camera module is manufactured in cooperation with Leica. This makes it possible to make almost professional recordings, Richard Yu, head of the consumer division of the Chinese manufacturer, emphasized.

In his presentation, Yu compared these new models with the iPhones from Apple.  With the same size the P10 offers a noticeably longer battery life than the iPhone 7.  Huawei hopes that this, along with a faster recharge time, a usage time of 1.8 days with normal use before charging and a top quality display, will elevate the P10 series into the very upper league of cell phones.

Especially after the overheating problems with the Galaxy Note 7 from Samsung, Huawei expects to climb to the number 2 spot among cell phone manufacturers after Apple.


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