Saturday, March 4, 2017


German photo magazine PROFIFOTO reports about new accessories for Leica from COOPH and Gitzo.

In cooperation with COOPH, Leica offers "Leica Rope Straps" made of climbing rope material and equipped with leather protectors at the ends. They are robust and elegant at the same time, and enable safe and comfortable carrying of the equipment. The carrying straps are available in two lengths (100 and 126 centimeters) in the four color variants Fire, Glowing Red, Night and Oasis and with a key ring or nylon band connection.  The suggested retail price is 65 euros.

Also new in the Leica product portfolio are tripods from Gitzo. This includes a traveler tripod / head kit consisting of a light tripod and a center ball head. The traveler tripod is easy to transport because of its low weight, yet it offers a very useful maximum height. The head is designed for precise and soft movement. The price is around 995 euros.
In addition, there are two Gitzo Mountaineer carbon tripods for approximately 935 and 1050 euros, which offer great versatility and extremely low weight. For these two tripods Gitzo offers a ball head for about 465 euros and a Gitzo bag for about 138 euros.

Gitzo Traveler 

Gitzo Mountaineer                                                              Gitzo Systematic

In addition, the Gitzo Systematic Tripod is available. It is particularly stable and offers high flexibility. It is meant for for the use of longer telephoto lenses and costs about 1070 euros.

For nature photographers and birdwatchers, there are two Gitzo 2-way fluid heads for about 280 and 340 euros. They are characterized by fast, easy and tightening of the controls. They also offer high stability and precision along with being very robust and compact.


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  1. I have long thought that Leica and Gitzo are a great combination. I have a Gitzo tripod and head that I bought over 40 years ago. It is still working as well as on day one in spite of its battle scars. When I bought it, Gitzo was still imported by Karl Heitz, Inc who were also the importer of Alpa cameras as well as Tessina, Robot and Kinoptik photographic equipment They offered Gitzo with a "lifetime plus reincarnation" warrantee. Unfortunately they suddenly lost the franchise to Manfrotto who no longer honored the lifetime warrantee. I knew Karl Heitz personally and I always thought that he and his company were treated quite unfairly at the time.