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Through August 28, the LEICA GALERIE at the Leica Headquarters in Wetzlar displays the series “WHITE NOISE” by Jesse Diamond, son of Neil Diamond.  His images display a lot of charm through their atmosphere and lack of color.

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting  Jesse Diamond

Neil Diamond once sang in the "Beautiful Noise" of this sound, the wonderful sound that comes from cars on the streets, playing children, music and dancing and love; the Sound of everyday life.

From the series "White Noise"  
Photo: Jesse Diamond

Jesse Diamond approaches everyday life in a different, yet similar way, the fascination of what is happening around him.  . "White Noise" is an exhibition of his work.  It opened at the Leica Gallery in Los Angeles on Tuesday with a parallel exhibition in Wetzlar.

It is no coincidence that the musician, who became a photographer when he was only 30 years old, chose this title.  "White Noise" actually says a lot about this exhibition and its pictures. On one hand there is the characteristic image noise that only film offers. "At the age of 27 I was in Africa with a used Leica M6 - from then on, music became a passion and photography my profession," the artist explained at the opening of the exhibition.  He loves monochrome film. "In black and white, you can take very different pictures," says Diamond.  Color photograph he surprisingly reserves night shots.  

His photos have the characteristic image noise that characterizes "White Noise".  In the world of digital photography noise is electronically eliminated as much as possible; with Jesse Diamond it is part of the picture.

"What a Beautiful Noise," Neil Diamond once sang from his perspective.  His son expresses this perspective of everyday life in his photographs.

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