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p30 leica triple camera

With the introduction of the new P30 and P30 Pro Huawei has set a new standard for cell phones worldwide.  The top model features a 4 lens Leica camera system which, combined with a new RYYB filter, sets new standards in smart photography - especially in low-light photography and zoom.  It consists of a 40 megapixel (MP) main camera with the Huawei SuperSpectrum sensor, a 20 MP ultra-wide-angle, 8 MP SuperZoom and a Huawei Time of Flight Camera (TOF).

The new sensor differs from the conventional RGB Bayer filter with its RYYB filter by replacing the green pixels with yellow pixels. This results in more translucency and correspondingly high maximum ISO values ​​of 204,800 on the P30 and 409,600 on the P30 Pro.

The wide-angle lens has the rather larger aperture of f/1.6, combined with a resolution of 40 MP.  Combined with the bright RYYB sensor, the P30 Pro enables images even in difficult lighting conditions. Thanks to AIS and OIS, even long exposure shots at night are possible.

The 5x optical zoom lens features a prism which allows the lens to be positioned at a right angle to maximize the focal length without affecting the camera height. The zoom range is extended by a 10x hybrid zoom and a 50x digital zoom.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enhances the quality of the photography and videography.

p30 in-screen fingerprint

With an extensive range of video features, the Huawei P30 series also brings advances in smartphone videography. The SuperSpectrum sensor ensures clear images, even in twilight or low light conditions. AIS and OIS stabilize recordings, while the SuperZoom lens brings the subject closer. In addition, the camera offers functions such as time-lapse and slow-motion, which help users to customize videos to their liking.

The large capacity battery will charge to 60 percent of its full capacity in just 30 minutes.

No prices for the US have been published yet, but the Huawei P30 is priced at 749 euros, the P30 Pro with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB ROM just under 1,000 euros, and with 256 GB ROM about 1099 euros.

Leica Camera AG is interested in possibly using the RYYB sensor technology in their future cameras.



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