Tuesday, September 3, 2013


From Leica Camera comes the announcement of a new mail-in promotion for the Leica X2 camera. With every purchase of a brand new Leica X2, customers will receive the English version of the popular ‘Ninety Nine Years’ book, a $130 value. The book directs an emotional spotlight on 99 years of passion and enthusiasm for a small camera developed by Oskar Barnack in 1913/14. The Leica X2 mail-in promotion starts on September 1, 2013 and runs through October 15, 2013. This promotion is not valid for the Leica X a la carte program or the Leica X Vario. To receive a copy of ‘Ninety Nine Years’, a customer can mail-in a copy of the promotion form, warranty card & copy of sales receipt to Leica Camera Inc.

Terms & Conditions of the Leica X 2 Mail-In Promotion:

> The Leica X 2 Mail-In Promotion is only valid for brand new Leica X2 cameras imported by Leica Camera Inc. and sold through Leica Stores, Boutiques & Dealers in the United States and Canada.
> This Mail-In Promotion cannot be combined with any other offer.
> No other form of payment or substitution will be made by Leica Camera Inc.
> The ‘Ninety Nine Years’ book will be shipped to the name and address (US and Canada only) on the warranty card.
> Leica Camera Inc. will process all mail-in promotions within 6-8 weeks.

> Leica Camera Inc. reserves the right to withdraw, change the terms and conditions of the promotion, etc. at any time.


  1. The X2 was replaced by the X Vario. Why are they promoting a discontinued camera?

    1. Sorry, but you are mistaken. Both the Leica X2 and the Leica X Vario are in the line up of what's offered by Leica Camera AG.