Monday, June 30, 2014


Leica has published the long awaited firmware update for the Leica M.  You can download it here.  

This update incorporated quite a few improvements, designed to increase the performance and the overall handling of the camera.

>  Users of older lenses, including Leica screw mount lenses can now be used with live view when used with the new manual lens detection.

>  A new item in the menu is “Exposure Simulation.”  When set to “Permanent,” Live View will show the accurate image brightness depending on the manual shutter speed and aperture selected.  However, this will only work with shutter speeds shorter than 1/30s.

>  This update includes additional Auto ISO options all of which are now visible when using the ISO button.

>  To avoid camera shake when using auto ISO in conjunction with long lenses, a “Maximum Exposure Time” feature has been added.  It allows to be set to 1x, 2x or 4x the focal length.

>  “Auto ISO” is also available when exposure times and apertures are set manually.

>  The color of “Focus Peaking” can now be set to red, green or blue.

These are the main changes.  There are a lot of additional changes, all of which will ultimately enhance the operation of the camera.

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