Saturday, July 26, 2014


The compact a very light Cambo Actus view camera works on the optical bench principle.  It was especially designed for mirrorless digital cameras but also offers the possibility to use DSLR cameras as well as Micro Fourthirds models.

With this view camera solution the Dutch manufacturer offers tilt, shift as well as swing possibilities especially for mirrorless cameras, making it possible to apply the Scheimpflug principle, the deliberate displacement of the plane of focus and to create selective areas of unsharpness.  The attached cameras function as a digital back for the Cambo Actus.

The displacement of the shift function offers 27 millimeter vertically and 40 millimeters while tilt movements are available up to 22 degrees.  In addition, swing movements are available up to 360 degrees.

The choice of lenses is quite numerous. Besides view camera lenses from various manufacturers with Copal shutters, lenses from Hasselblad C, Leica M39, Mamiya RZ/RB and Mamiya 645 can also be used.  In addition lenses for mirrorless cameras as well as Leica R and Nikon F lenses can be used.  Other lens adapters are currently being designed.

Another significant feature of the camera is its size.  With a length of 15 centimeters (6 inch) and a weight of 2 kilogramm (4 pounds 6 oz) this is one of the most compact cameras of this type in the market.

The Cambo Actus is available for 1,499 euros, including the focusing rail, both front and rear standards, the bellows and the camera adapter.

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