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In comemoration of the 100th anniversary of Leica, WestLicht in Vienna has been offering a number of rare Leica items for sale on a regular basis.  Today a special item appeared on one of their mailings which definitely has added significance.  The promotion is for the last 25 Leica M models made in Solms of which only 3 cameras are left available.

Here is a translation of their announcement:

LEICA M (model 240) silver
with Summilux M 1.4/50mm Asph. chrome

PRICE € 9600 incl 20% VAT.


Leica Camera AG is celebrating "100 Years of Leica Photography". Leica commemorated the anniversary with numerous events, exhibitions and exceptional products and services. Among the highlights is also the move to the ultra-modern new plant in the Leitz Park in Wetzlar. Back to the city where the company was first established, from which the Leica started its triumphal march throughout the world and revolutionized photography. With the last 25 Leica M cameras made ​​in Solms the former company headquarters is receiving this special recognition.

Along with this very special Leica camera we promote the Summilux M 1.4/50mm Asph. chrome - an excellent Standardobjektiv (normal lens):  It offers high-contrast images with high-resolution and detail even at maximum aperture and at its minimum focusing distance. This is made ​​possible through the use of  "floating elements", special glass types with unique refraction properties, and elements with aspherical surfaces. Its properties qualify this lens for available light photography and shooting with selective sharpness.

Simply Irresistible!

The information continues with a report of the sale of a 75 percent stake in their operation to Laica Camera AG.

Ronald Marcel Peters (CFO Leica Camera AG), Peter Coeln (CEO Peter Coeln GesmbH), Alfred Schopf (CEO Leica Camera AG) in the Leica Shop Vienna

Dear Friends of Leica Store and Western light Auctions,

23 years ago we founded the first Leica store in the world, 13 years ago, the Museum of Photography WestLicht, 12 years ago, the auction house WestLicht, two years ago the Leica Store and the Leica Gallery in Vienna next to the opera and in the same year the photo gallery OstLicht. This is a beautiful and successful way in the service of photography.

In the future we will work together with Leica Camera AG, which bought a 74.9% stake in Peter Coeln GesmbH.

The partnership with Leica includes the Leica Shop at Westbahnstrasse, the Leica Store at Walfischgasse and West Photographica Auctions.

The Fotomuseum WestLicht and the photo gallery OstLicht with its important collections will continue to operate independently and are not part of the transaction.

Apart from the fact that the fundamental orientation of our company will not change, this increased cooperation holds many new opportunities for both companies.

I will continue to lead and manage the operations with our wonderful team, even in the long term.

I am pleased that our approach can be continued with the partnership with Leica Camera AG and that we are able to create synergies and strengthen the quality and durability of old and new Leica products. As in the past, we will continue to place great emphasis on customer service and flexibility at the retail level, online trading and the auction operation.

For questions we are at your disposal,

Peter Coeln and team

Leica Shop
Westbahnstraße 40
A-1070 Wien
Tel +43 (0) 1 523 56 59
Fax +43 (0) 1 523 51 77

Opening times
Mon-Fri 10-18 h
Brand New Store
Sat 10-13 h

For reasons of accuracy, we must correct  the statement that their Leica store from 25 years ago was the very first of its kind.  That honor goes to Photo Visuals of Minneapolis, which opened in 1979.  Soon after two additional stores to sell Leica equipment exclusively were Alvin's Photo supply of Pasadena, the first exclusively Leica dealer in California and The Darkroom, the first exclusively Leica store in San Francisco.

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