Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Many Leica owners like to have their cameras always ready to shoot.  For that purpose, as well as for easy carrying, a belt clip has proven to be a great accessory.  It allows easy carrying of the camera, yet it is virtually instantly available to take pictures.

One of the earliest such belt clips was originally developed by Norman Goldberg of Camera Craft in Wisconsin.  He is best known for developing the Camcraft N-5 motor drive for the Leica M2.  His was a very well made, simple to use clip that attached to the tripod socket of the camera to allow carrying it on a belt.


A virtually identical unit is also available under the Remoclip label.  Both of them work equally well with the exception that they both subject the camera to possible scuffing and premature wear from being attached to a belt and taken off because there is no protective layer in between.  In addition, the clip is always attached to the camera, thus changing its ergonomics.  Many Leica users feel that it alters the feel of the camera, that it changes how comfortable the camera feels. 

A new product on the market does away with those shortcomings.  Made in Germany, the Scarabaeus steel and leather premium holster system is an extremely high quality accessory, not only for Leicas but almost any other camera as well.  

Scarabaeus comes complete with everything necessary to attach a camera securely to a belt

Its choice of materials was made on the basis of toughness and security. Every single component of the Scarabaeus Holster was specifically manufactured in Germany and laboriously assembled by hand.  The outer casing of Scarabaeus is consequently made of hard steel to ensure safety and maximum stability. The core of Scarabaeus consists of anodized aluminum, which is particularly scratch-resistant. The inside pads are made from genuine leather with a snake texture. The indestructible character of Scarabaeus is reflected by its classic design. When you hold it in your hand for the first time, you will immediately notice the strength and quality of the product.

The design allows the camera to be easily taken off the holster with either just a small screw attached to the tripod socket or a small adapter plate if necessary.  The holster itself remains on the belt.

The Sacarabaeus holster system is available in three different version, the Scarabaeus Classic Silver, the Premium Bronze, and the Deluxe Gold, ranging from 149 dollars to 199 dollars.

While there are many other holsters on the market, I have found not a single one as easy to use as the Scarabaeus and there certainly isn't anything around that exceeds its quality.  It is an item definitely worth to be used in conjunction with Leica cameras.

For complete information go to http://www.photoscarab.de/

A video about its use can be found here: http://www.photoscarab.de//Instructions


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  1. I agree with the article, this thing is extremely well made.

  2. Based on this article, I bought one of these last summer. I liked it so much I had to order extra screws for all of my cameras. It's really wonderful, and it's on my belt 100% of the time now. It was especially nice to have this winter, under my coat. I just gather up the strap and shove it in my pocket, out of the way, so it's easy to go back and forth between belt and shoulder carrying.