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By David Farkas, LeicaStore Miami

Today, Leica has expanded their APS-C offerings with a new interchangeable lens mirroless system camera – the Leica CL. With similar specifications to the recently launched Leica TL2, the CL trades in the pure modern unibody design of the TL2 for more iconic styling. Leica DNA abounds with the CL’s black anodized machined aluminum top and bottom plates, elegant black leather covering and simple control layout.


Still sporting the same 24 megapixel APS-C sensor, Maestro II processor and L mount, the CL features a more traditional body design with three rear buttons and direction pad like its big brother, the M10. And, instead of needing an add-on EVF, the CL has one built-in, with the same specs as the add-on 2.4 MP Visoflex 020 that’s used on the M10 and TL2.


The top is graced by a two dials, a shutter release/on-off switch, and a small monochrome LCD. The top display shows the selected aperture and shutter speed along with other basic info, as the two control dials have no markings on them. In the center of both dials there are user-assignable function buttons. This is a clever way to handle multiple adjustments with a very simple control interface, and follows Leica’s rallying cry of delivering Das Wesentliche, or the Essentials.


The CL seems like a natural evolution for Leica. And while the X line has quietly gone by the wayside, the CL appears to pick up where the X left off, and compliments the TL2 nicely. Where the TL2 is minimal and futuristic, both in design and function, the CL reminds us of Leica’s past. It evokes feelings of the Leica screw mount cameras from the  1930s, yet bears familiar resemblances to its modern-day kin, the Q and M10.

collage FINAL Kopie

The Leica CL is slated to start shipping by the end of this month (November 2017) and is priced at $2,795 for the body only. There are two kits available as well. For those wanting the smallest possible package, the CL Prime Kit includes the 18mm f/2.8 Elmamrit-TL pancake lens, which was also announced today, for $3,795. For those wanting the convenience of a standard zoom the CL Vario Kit comes bundled with the 18-56mm Vario-Elmar-TL for $3,995. Both kits represent a decent savings over buying a la carte, $295 and $450, respectively.

The CL and both CL kits are now available for pre-order at Leica Store Miami by clicking one of the links below, emailing info@leicastoremiami.com, or by calling 305-921-4433.

19301_CL_Deckel_FRONT_RGB   19301_CL_BACK_RGB   19301_CL_11089_Leica Elmarit-TL_18_ASPH_silver_FRONT_RGB   19301_CL_11088_Leica Elmarit-TL_18_black_TOP_RGB

19301_CL_11081_Summicron-TL_23_ASPH_3D_RGB   Leica_Clooney_Accessoires_Gruppe_LoRes_sRGB   20170915_Ora_00896_pre   20170915_Ora_00515_pre

20170915_Ora_00414_pre   20170915_Ora_00396_pre   20170915_Ora_00284_pre   20170915_Ora_00242_pre

20170915_Ora_00206_pre   20170915_Ora_00153_pre   20170915_Ora_00130_pre   20170915_Ora_00114_pre




In addition to the LeicaCL announcement, Leica has also introduced a new TL lens – the Leica Elmarit-TL18mm f/2.8  ASPH, in both black and silver. This APS-C sized lens in Leica’s new L mount, sets new standards for wide-angle performance in an incredibly compact package. With 8 elements in 6 groups packed into a mere 21mm (0.8 inches) and weighing only 80g (2.8 oz), the new 18mm promises class-leading imaging results with extremely quick autofocus responsiveness and a minimum focus of just 0.3m. The new 18mm is equivalent to a 27mm in full frame, and will fit on the CL, TL2, TL, T or SL (in APS mode). Combined with already compact proportions of the TL2 and CL, the 18mm looks like it will make an ideal grab-and-go kit.

19301_CL 11088_Elmarit-TL_18_ASPH_3D_RGB

The Leica Elmarit-TL 18mmf/2.8 ASPH is expected to start shipping by the end of this month (November 2017) at a price of $1,295. Leica Store Miami is now accepting preorders, by either clicking here, emailing info@leicastoremiami.com, or by calling 305-921-4433.

11088_Elmarit-TL_18_ASPH_black_LINSE_RGB   11088_Elmarit-TL_18_ASPH_black_FRONTAL_RGB   11089_Elmarit-TL_18_ASPH_silver_LINSE_RGB   11089_Elmarit-TL_18_ASPH_silver_FRONTAL_RGB

19301_CL_11088_Leica Elmarit-TL_18_black_TOP_RGB   20170915_Ora_00551_pre   20170915_Ora_00114_pre   20170915_Ora_00660_pre

20170915_Ora_00896_pre   20170915_Ora_00827_pre

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