Thursday, July 19, 2018


The Light L16 Camera

When Leica joined forces with Huawei, many criticized the company for straying much too far from their core business – cameras.  Yet it has established Leica as a main player in the field of mobile phone photography.  At this point there should be no doubt that conventional consumer cameras are a thing of the past, and have been all but replaced by mobile phones.  Thus it is much to the credit of Leica for recognizing this unstoppable trend and by joining forces with Huawei to be part of this new camera market, something that so far none of their competitors have done.

It should come as no surprise that Leica is extending their presence in this new technology by investing in LIGHT, the startup behind the groundbreaking 16-camera camera L16.

Light just announced a $121 million funding round of which Leica is one of the investors.

According to Light, “The new funding will allow Light to expand the reach of its imaging platform beyond consumer photography and into security, robotic, automotive, aerial and industrial imaging applications.”

Light also announced that the company will be launching their first light powered mobile phone later this year, a phone that “will shatter the expectations of mobile photography.”  The phone will feature as many as 9 separate cameras.  

“Light’s technology is a revelation, showing that several small, basic camera modules, combined with highly powerful software, can produce images that rival those produced by cameras costing and weighing orders of magnitude more,” says Light CEO and co-founder Dave Granna. “We’re just getting started.”

Leica Chairman Dr. Andreas Kaufmann stated “The Leica brand is founded on a long tradition of technology leadership, precision engineering  and craftsmanship.  Since the birth of its first digital camera in 1996, Leica has embarked on a path of digital photography technology evolution.  With the rapid development of the computational photography, partnering with the innovators at Light ensures Leica to extend its tradition of excellence into the computational photography era.”

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