Friday, July 6, 2018


By Josh Lehrer, Leica Store Miami

At last! Leica has added the M10 to their CCD corrosion upgrade program. We have been patiently waiting for a while, and now owners of  CCD cameras affected by the corrosion issue have the option to upgrade to the latest member of the M family. Also, in line with the recent price increase on May 1, Leica has updated the pricing of upgrading to the other M models in the program.

As before, only M9, M-E, M9-P or original CCD-based M Monochrom cameras that exhibit sensor corrosion are eligible for the upgrade program. We can help you determine if your camera’s CCD sensor shows signs of corrosion. See below for instructions on shooting a proper test image and how to email us the file for evaluation.

How to tell if your camera has corrosion

If you think your camera may be exhibiting signs of CCD corrosion, you can email us a full resolution JPEG file and we are happy to evaluate it for you. Should your camera suffer from CCD corrosion, we can then discuss the best way to proceed with a sensor replacement or camera upgrade. Here’s how to get us a full resolution image to check for corrosion:

Set the camera to its base ISO setting
Set the camera to shoot either DNG+JPEG or JPEG only
Attach a lens to the camera (a 35mm or 50mm works best)
Stop the lens aperture all the way down (f/16 or f/22 depending on the lens)
For a subject, either a solid blue sky or a solid, light colored wall is ideal
If shooting the sky, focus the lens to the closest distance. If shooting a wall, focus the lens at infinity (you want an image that is as out of focus as possible).
Shoot an exposure of the wall or sky and be sure to move the camera around during the exposure (to blur any details in the image, as we want to only see what may be on the sensor)
Email us the JPEG file for evaluation

Below is an example of an image from an M9 that is showing CCD corrosion, which is highlighted in red circles. You can see the white “halos” around the spots that indicate corrosion. The sensor also has numerous dust spots that can be cleaned, however it is important to see the difference between the regular dust (easily cleaned) and the corrosion spots (which require a sensor replacement).

Sensor corrosion indicated with red circles

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