Monday, November 17, 2014



Leica conducted the 13th of their Erlebnistage (Experience Days) with a grand opening last Saturday at the Wetzlar town hall with over 1000 visitors in attendance.  Dr. Andreas Kaufmann, Chairman of the supervisory Board of Leica Camera AG, had a clear message, “Das Bild treibt uns an” (the picture drives us).

Dr. Andreas Kaufmann

The Leica Akademie, the oldest 35mm school in the world, invited several accomplished photographers.  They elaborated about their work in a number of presentations and workshops and impressed with the results of their work.

Dr. Kaufman stated that photography had become the number one hobby in the world, especially with the advanced camera technology found in cell phones.  He went on to impress on the importance of opening one’s eyes.  He gave the example that he recently had to wait in a loud, red sports car at a bus stop.  He noticed several young people staring at their cell phones while an elderly lady looked at the car.  “She had her eyes open,” he explained.

Action and advertising photography expert Markus Berger presented many examples of his work while the head of the Leica Akademie, Udo Zell elaborated on sports photography.  He pointed out that Markus Berger sets himself apart from the typical approach to photographing sporting events by using entirely different perspectives in order to set his work apart, including shooting from a helicopter.  He wants his photographs to be a counterpart to the classic approach to sports photography.

                      Udo Zell                                                                           Herbert Piel

Another featured photographer was Herbert Piel, lecturer at the Leica Masterclass.  In the past four decades he worked for several global news agencies and major magazines and many of his photographs have gained international recognition.

In addition to Udo Zell, Markus Berger and Herbert Piel, many other photographers gave insight into their work in lectures and workshops and gave advice. Not only did digital photography play an important role, but analog photography as well.  That should come as no surprise since Leica is the only major manufacturer that still makes a variety of high quality, analog cameras.

"It's always about us to see the picture," Udo Zell explained, “digital as well as analog. This has always been the principle for Leica, starting with the first small format cameras 100 years ago up to the high-tech cameras of today.   The future looks good” the Leica Academy boss explained, "what Rome is for Catholics, Wetzlar is for photographers.”


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  1. I should send them some of my photos. They are all perfect because they were made with a Leica.

    1. Uh, Oh. Be careful. Someone might take you too seriously and point out that it is not the camera but the person behind it that determines the quality of the photo.