Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Leica has definitely become a major player in the field of digital photography, not so much in terms of market share, but in terms of quality and performance.  This is one of the reasons for the late success of the company.  Unlike just a few years ago, the Leica balance sheets are quite healthy.

But this blog is not just a reflection of the current Leica Camera company.  It is our full intention to be of interest to all Leica owners.  For that reason we will reflect on older Leica models and have extensive information on photography with film as well.  We will have comparisons of film v. digital in many of the upcoming articles.  However, this is not meant as a discussion of ‘which is better – film or digital’?  After all, ultimately we are using our Leicas to take photographs.  The end result is always a picture and the camera is the tool to enable us to do so.  Digital or film ultimately are just two different means to record the image.  This blog will reflect all of that.

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