Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Some might be wondering why we chose to incorporate Barnack and Berek into the name of this blog, so here is a brief explanation.

Many people are familiar with Oskar Barnack as the inventor of the Leica camera back in 1913 and even though it is far from us to take any credit from him, we feel that little mention is ever made of Professor Max Berek.  Yet without him the Leica would probably never have come into existence.  He designed the first lens for the preproduction Leicas and the success of that little camera played no small part in the decision of Ernst Leitz II to manufacture it.  “Die Kamera wird gebaut” (the camera will be built).

Even though Max Berek would have had little reason to design his lens without the farsightedness and genius of Oskar Barnack, it remains a fact that even we here at this Leica dedicated blog wouldn’t do what we are doing without those two men.

Therefore our small tribute to them in form of the Leica Barnack Berek Blog.  

     Oskar Barnack                                            Max Berek

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