Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Leica has announced a special discount on a tune up service for all M8 cameras.  The discounted price if $350 compared to the regular price of $475. 

Here is the official Leica announcement:

Leica Camera is pleased to offer for a limited time only a tune up special for the Leica M8 and
M8.2 cameras. Our factory trained technicians using original spare parts will clean the camera,
calibrate sensor, rangefinder, and metering system (small parts included). Pixel mapping and
sensor cleaning are also part of this full service offer.

Leica Camera offers a one year warranty on all work performed with a certification card. During this promotion, this service costs $350. The regular price is $475.

This service offer does not include major components, rangefinder, CCD, main board and monitor. This offer is only valid in North America from now through September 15, 2012. Leica
reserves the right to discontinue the program at any time.


  1. Isn't 350 dollars a lot of money for just a tune up?

  2. Well, it's not your common, everyday tune up. All the work is performed to Leica's specifications and tolerances which are considerably tighter than with any other camera manufacturer. In comparison, I just paid $950 for a tune up on my car, and that isn't even a Leicar.