Thursday, October 3, 2013


Leica Camera AG, Solms, has expanded its product portfolio and now offers premium-quality accessories ‘Made in Germany’.

The new products include the two easy-to-use Leica 24/38 ball heads with numerous additional features. Both are ideal for use with all Leica cameras – from compacts to X- and M-System products. They guarantee that the camera is held securely and steadily in all photographic situations and are particularly useful when frequently changing the camera position and shooting from several different angles. Also new is a compact, lightweight carbon tripod with dimensions that make it perfect for travelling. These new products are further complemented by a set of three quick-change plates for use with the Leica 24 and 38 ball heads. These make it possible to switch between several cameras in rapid succession without any need to exchange the plate. All of these new products are the result of a well-thought-out design and development concept. The use of optimally harmonised materials ensures an ideal symbiosis of stability and low weight and thus guarantees many years of reliable service.

Cabon Traveler Tripod

This new traveller tripod - with the absolute best "Made in Germany" seal of approval - is an impressive piece, not only due to its pure Leica design: the three tripod legs ensure stable placement in any situation and offer simple and flexible usage. Eight layers of top-quality carbon fibers guarantee maximum stability, and with a weight of merely 1.2 kg, the Leica Traveller Tripod is as light as a feather.

The Leica Traveller Tripod is also easy to use, even when shooting at floor level and without a center column. When collapsed, it's especially small and handy. A 1/4" to 3/8" screw adapter is included. Also available: the Concurda carrying bag with carrying strap and shoulder plate for your outdoor activities.

Ball Head 24  

The Ball Head 24 is one of the smallest tripod heads which has ever been developed by Leica. Naturally "made in Germany," this ball head distinguishes itself from the rest with its silky soft ball bearings and absolutely fluid movement. This is made possible by the unbelievably smooth brass sliding properties. What's more, for its small size, this ball head is able to support up to an impressive 12 kg!

Ball Head 38

The unique functions of the Ball Head 38 for the Leica Travel Tripod make this piece truly stand out above the rest. With the press of the TILT-button, it turns into a tilting video head that can be moved in a 2-way tilting motion while resting on a level plane. In the panorama function, the Ball Head is locked in place at 15-degree intervals, granting you simple and flawless 360-degree recordings. The Ball Head is soft and smooth thanks to its brass sliding properties. With the ability to carry up to 24 kg, this Ball Head has truly earned the right to its title, "Made in Germany."

Optional Accessories

For the Ball Heads 24 and 38, an additional removable disc triple pack is available. The removable discs are some of the world's smallest camera discs, perfectly attuned to the Ball Heads 24 and 38 in combination with the Leica Travel Tripod. Each disc is made of the highest-strength aluminum, and the large supporting surface guarantees secure hold. Now you don't have to unscrew the quick release plate each time you switch your camera.

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