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For a relatively small company like Leica, they actually have an amazingly wide line of products.  As a matter of fact, Leica is the only camera manufacturer that offers products from APS size sensor cameras to full frame cameras, medium format and up to large format with their Sinar division.

However, sometimes we need accessories that simply are not available from Leica.  Here are some newly announced items that might be of interest:

Rollei announced a new line of tripods, the

"Rock Solid" tripods 

Rollei has completely redesigned its robust carbon tripods in the mid-range "Rock Solid" series and further optimized them for outdoor use. Especially interesting is that the tripods are now available with a ball head.

Since the "Rock Solid Mark II" tripods are designed for use in sand, salt water and snow, the removable rubber feet and spikes prove to be helpful.  Rollei has changed the lower leg segments to allow extremely low heights to make ground-level shots easier.  All tripods offer increased carrying capacity, a simplified leg angle lock and a spirit level in the tripod shoulder and 3/8 "and 1/4" threads to attach accessories.

The "Rock Solid Mark II" series is available in four versions. The "Alpha XL" is with a maximum height of 190cm, a carrying capacity of 65kg. The "Alpha" version is his smaller brother and carries the newly developed ball head "T7S Mark II". The "Beta" with the "T5S Mark II" ball head comes with a center column, allowing a height of 163.5cm.

The "Rock Solid Mark II Alpha XL" costs 549.99 Euro, the "Alpha incl. T7S Mark II" is offered for 499.99 Euro, the "Beta incl. T5S Mark II" for 399.99 Euro and the "Gamma incl. T3S Mark II" for 299.99 euros.

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Hoya has introduced their new

Fusion One filter series

The Fusion One is a new filter series, which replaces the PRO1D series.

The Fusion One Filters will complete the Hoya line-up. The series combines all the basic specifications of Hoya filters, like multi-layer coating, high translucency, premium optical glass and a flat frame. In addition, a new dirt and water repellent coating meets the latest industry standards.

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Photographs taken with Leica cameras deserve to be printed with the best photographic materials available.  For that purpose, Epson introduced a new line of papers, the

Fine art papers

These papers consist a total of eight new print media in two quality levels: four fine-art media and four photo media.

Compared to its predecessors, the new Fine Art papers cover an even wider color gamut.

These acid-free papers are made of 100 percent cotton and have either a smooth ("hot press") or textured ("cold press") surface. The new materials have a weight of 300 g / m² and are available in either natural white or light white version.

The new papers achieve higher density for excellent color reproduction and deep black. The versions with smooth surfaces are particularly well suited for photographic work while the materials with a structured surface make high-quality fine-art prints look particularly interesting. Thanks to their optional natural white or light-white coloring, they can be used to find an optimal basis for every application.

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Finally, there is also news for film photographers.  Probably the most active manufacturer of black and white films is Fotoimpex with their line of ADOX films.  Their newest member  is the 

Adox HR-50

The Adox HR-50 was originally a high-resolution technical application film, which Adox modified with Speed ​​Boost technology to make it suitable for normal photography.

This increases the sensitivity to ISO 50 and reduces the contrast so that the film can be processed in normal developers. A specially designed HR-50 developer is also available.

The HR-50 is suitable for landscape, city or travel photography, for portraits they recommend the special HR-50 developer. According to Fotoimpex, the film responds comparatively well to filtering, making it an ideal match for the new Adox Snap-on gelatine filters.

To simplify the introduction to infrared photography, Adox has also developed a lightweight infrared filter, which reduces the sensitivity by only one aperture. Users can shoot with ISO 25, handheld, and achieve tonal-rich and fine-grained results with a resolution of up to 560 lines per millimeter.

The pictures get a dramatic look. The film is equally suitable for classic infrared photography as for landscape photography.

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