Sunday, May 3, 2020


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By Heinz Richter

I received a notification from Leica which deals specifically with the subject of bokeh.  They write:

Photography is our passion and the journey to the best image is our motivation. At Leica, we speak to everyone – from camera designers and Leica Store employees to amateur and professional photographers.

Are you looking for perfection? We want to help you take the best picture!

Leica Stores around the globe are transforming into places of experience and passion – Selected types of photography from around the world will be hosted in-stores and online for a three month period. The first style of photography is 'bokeh'. Find your inspiration!

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Bokeh photos are marked by a depth of focus as shallow as possible and present background detail as if seen through a mist. Photos with bokeh reveal the invisible! If used creatively, this enables photographers to achieve incomparable visual effects in their pictures.


Leica Akademie programme

The Leica Akademie's extensive programme of photographic workshops offers the opportunity to enjoy an experience of broad spectrum in photographic creativity. An example of what the Leica Akademie can offer is the use of bokeh to create imaginative pictures. Enrich your creative photography, and let us guide you to the best possible picture.

Of course the different Leica lenses all display an individual bokeh, which brings up the question of which is best for you.  The easiest way to find out is to go to your favorite Leica dealer or Leica Store and try out the different lenses you might be interested in.  

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