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Photographers are not only looking for that special picture, but also for a way to present it in a special way. Especially film photographers feel that the time proven art of using film and then converting the negative to a piece of art is still the way to go.  They find a very special expression in the so-called fine art printing processes.  A particularly prominent example of this is the platinum print.  Not only do these prints excel with an amazingly long tonal range, they also have a shelf life of over 1000 years.

Platinum printing is a rather involved process.  That has been made substantially easier by JOBO with their artisan Platinum printer.  With this printer it is not only possible to make platinum prints with relative ease, it can also be used to make cyanotypes or van Dykes.

The Jobo artisan Platinum printer accepts contact frames with external dimensions of up to 65 x 86 cm (26 x 34 inch). This means that prints up to 50 x 60 cm (20 x 24 inch) can be easily realized. The device is equipped with a ball-bearing drawer that enables convenient loading and unloading. The built-in timer allows for exact exposure settings. The uniform UV exposure is generated by 110 LEDs with a wavelength of 360 to 390 nm. In contrast to fluorescent tubes, LEDs not only consume 80 percent less electricity, but above all do not need any warm-up time to develop their full and even luminosity. LEDs produce unsurpassed reliable exposure times.

The projected retail price is 1490 euros in Germany.

In addition to the well-known sources for the chemicals for fine prints, Ilford Japan has recently released a chemistry and paper kit for platinum prints.  In addition to the classic production of platinum prints with original large-format negatives, these products also make it possible to create a digital negative from digital photos and print them using inkjet printers.

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