Thursday, April 1, 2021


By Heinz Richter

Wetzlar April 1, 2021: Today Leica announced a new addition to their lineup of cameras, the Leica HR.  Since Leica bought out Sinar, this is the first Leica labelled product resulting from the cooperation between Leica and Sinar.  The Leica HR (High Resolution) is based on the Sinar LanTech camera.

Leica HR with S-HR adapter and Leica Summarit-S 1:2.5/70 ASPH lens

The Leica HR allows you to make use of the advantages of a camera with built-in shift capabilities, not only for studio photography, but also for landscape and architectural photography.

Part of the camera is a newly developed Leica HR medium format camera back, based on the Leica S3.  It has the same 64 megapixel, 30 x 45 medium format sensor.  But this back goes way beyond that.  

Sensor of the Leica HR back

By utilizing technology from the Sinarback eXact, it allows multi-shot photography with resolution up to 256 megapixels. In addition, the built-in downscaling function means you can also take photographs at low resolutions of 12 or 24 megapixels.

Leica HR medium format back
Pleasse note the gradation for the shift capabilities of the camera

Leica S-Lenses are the highest quality optics in the medium format world.  With the S-HR adapter they can be used on the Leica HR to their full potential. With 16 lenses to choose from, the Leica HR is equipped to meet the needs of any pro in need of a workhorse system. In addition, the Sinaron Digital lenses, specially developed for digital photography, can also be used, allowing full utilization of the shift capabilities of the camera due to their large image circle. 

The essentials:

  • New 64mp medium format sensor for unprecedented image quality from Leica S-Lenses
  • 256 mp with multishot function
  • Full range of Sinaron Digital lenses
  • 4K video recording across the full width of the sensor for the signature Leica look in video
  • ISO range of 100-50,000 for working in any lighting scenario
  • Dual shutter system with electronic shutter and central shutter lens options
  • Rugged and weather sealed build for use in the field and withstanding the elements
  • Tethered shooting workflow options for use in the professional studio
  • Leica FOTOS connectivity for mobile editing solutions on iPad, iPhone and Android

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