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Ready for any adventure. 


Whether you’re spotting migrating warblers in your backyard, zeroing in on the action during an NFL preseason game, or lining up a tricky approach shot from the fairway on your go-to course this fall, Leica sport optics are ready for any adventure.

Leica Noctivid 


The Leica Noctivid is known for its bright, brilliant image even in the low-light hours at dawn and dusk. What’s more, its innovative open bridge design make for a perfectly balanced optic and all-day comfortable viewing.

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Leica Trinovid HD 


Leica’s newest generation of Trinovids represent the industry’s best binocular under $1,000. Like their predecessors, they offer outstanding color fidelity and image sharpness as well as a lightweight compact build.

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Leica Ultravid HD-Plus 


Leica’s most comprehensive line of binoculars, Ultravid HD-Plus models come in magnifications up to 12x and boast Leica’s state-of-the-art construction, materials and glass coatings.

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Leica Trinovid Classic 


Featuring black leather trim and a timeless silhouette, the Leica Trinovid classics are a tribute to the iconic glass of the 1960s.

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Leica Compact Sport Optics 


Small but mighty. Leica compact field optics slip into a jacket pocket and are ready for any moment, so even when you’re out and about, you can look at details that would otherwise go unnoticed.

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Leica Compact Laser Rangefinders 


Thanks to their compact design, ease of use, and precise measurements, Leica compact laser rangefinders are indispensable companions for hunting and golfing - anytime and anywhere, uphill and down, and in any weather.

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Leica Geovid Rangefinding Binoculars 


Pioneers in laser rangefinding, Leica Geovids combine the latest cutting edge technology and connectivity with Leica’s best-in-class optical and ergonomic design.

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Leica Sport Optics 10-Year Passport Warranty 


Leica Sport Optics are built using only the highest quality materials and undergo strict quality checks. Leica stands behind their product by offering a fully transferable 10-Year Passport Protection Plan plus a 30-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on all Leica Sport Optics. This includes Geovid and Rangemaster products as well!

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  1. While posting this article, I was reminded of an incident many years ago: A customer was looking for a pair of Binoculars for his 11 year old daughter. Assuming that he wanted something reasonably priced, I started to show him some binoculars in a lower price range. He immediately stopped me and explained that he was looking for a pair of Leica binoculars, "after all," he explained, "her eyes are the only ones she will ever have."