Monday, October 11, 2021


By Heinz Richter

Throughout art history the human form has fascinated artists probably more than any other subject and as soon as photography became a viable art form, that interest transcended to photography as well.

Unfortunately photography to this day is struggling to be accepted as a form of art when it comes to photography of the nude; to many it is automatically equated with pornography, a label totally undeserved.

In view of that it is understandable that many photographers shy away from this art form.  Facebook is a very good example of how this is mindlessly stifled.  As a general rule Facebook does not accept any nudity at all.  They even found it necessary to block the famous photograph by Nick Ut, commonly referred to as Napalm Girl, and by doing so totally ignoring the historic importance of this photograph.

An accepted means to show the human form without any repercussions is to concentrate on the shape of the human body without being objectionable.  Bodyscapes are such an approach and it has been quite successful for me.

I have photographed the female nude for many years and it has always been a disappointment to me that I cannot show this work in many venues.  However, bodyscapes are an accepted “compromise”.

I have mentioned cropping on several occasions and the fact that the performance of Leica lenses is such that they allow cropping of an existing negative or digital file to quite an extend without any greatly noticeable loss of quality.   

I have used that approach with many of my existing negatives and digital files which often has resulted in new photographs that are even better than the original.

Here are some examples that I hope speak for themselves.  

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