Thursday, February 17, 2022

BISAMBÄR - Handmade Camera Straps

By Heinz Richter


Please welcome our newest sponsor, Bisambär. Located in Frohnleiten, in the Steiermark in Austria, they are an old-world atlier, using only traditional craftsmanship. All their products are handcrafted with the very best manufacturing techniques. They only use the highest quality materials in order to achieve the longest possible service life. This way they are setting an example against fast fashion and towards products that can be considered an heirloom.

The only materials used are in compliance with strict environmental protection guidelines. Their leather is purely vegetable tanned which preserves the natural structure of the leather. All leather used is from hides which are a byproduct of meat production. It is their policy that no animal needs to die solely for its leather.  


All camera straps can be personalized

Lucas and Nadine are Bisambär - Leather goods. 


Lucas is the designer and founder of Bisambär, a former professional photographer. He is also responsible for the development and the manufacturing techniques. Through his experience, he knows exactly what is important for a good camera. 


Nadine is a chemical engineer and deals with the protection of the environment and the sustainability of the production. 


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EDDYCAM - the first and only ergonomic elk-skin camera strap        


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Please make payment via PayPal to GMP Photography

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Please make payment via PayPal to GMP Photography
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Please make payment via PayPal to GMP Photography

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