Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Leica Camera AG Debuts THE LEICA WATCH


Leica finally introduced the Leica watch, the Leica L1 and Leica L2. 

 They were designed by professor Achim Heine, who designed several of Leica items in the past. Thus, it is not surprising that one can find elements of their cameras throughout the watch.  


Similar to their cameras, the watch design and quality of workmanship will hold up over the years. Both of the watch models have the company’s unique patent push crown, which can reset the small hand to zero and has a scratch-resistant see-through back. 

“Together with Markus Lehmann, we expanded and fine-tuned the idea of the push crown to be pressed down, like the release button of a camera," Heine explained. "The moment you push the crown, the watch stops, and the small second-hand jumps to zero. Another click releases the movement again. This is an unusual detail that perfectly fits in with Leica.” 

The Leica L1 will be selling for $10,000 and the Leica L2 for $14,000. Both models have new innovative mechanical movements that allow the owner to see the manual winding through the transparent back. To ensure its "Made in Germany" standard, Leica partnered with Lehmann Präzision GmbH, where the watches were developed and produced in their factory in the Black Forest region in Germany. 

“I am very happy that this long-term project is now ready to be presented," Leica Camera majority owner Dr. Andreas Kaufmann said. "I believe that, together with our partners, we have succeeded in developing a watch ‘Made in Germany’ that is representative of Leica and embodies the values of our premium brand.” 

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