Friday, March 15, 2013

LEICA Barnack Berek Blog GALLERY 3-15-2011

For the most part, panorama images used to be quite labor intensive.  However with the advent of Photoshop, this has become relatively easy to do.  I found that even a tripod is not an absolute necessity.  Photoshop will even out some of the imperfections that naturally enter the equation when doing a panorama shoot hand-held.  Of course one should hold the camera as steady as possible and, this is important, make sure that there is sufficient overlap from one exposure to the next.  All of the examples here were shot hand held.

Playa Bonita, Samana, Dominican Republic

Hotel Coyamar, Las Terenas, Dominican Republic

Outside Rapid City, South Dakota

Backyard, Auburn, Alabama

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Newton Fork Ranch, Hill City, South Dakota

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