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Here are some highlights of the 23rd WestLicht Photographica Camera Auction on May 25th, 2013

The complete offer can be found in the WestLicht on-line catalogue, which will be available 4 weeks prior to the auction.

Leica III Mod. F LUXUS 'Karl Henkell'

Unique outfit of an original Leitz gold plated 'Luxus' camera with brown lizard leather covering and 2 gold plated lenses (Summar 2/5cm no.190131, Elmar 3.5/3.5cm no.182545).

History of this outfit:

It comes from the estate of the famous German producer of sparkling wine Karl Henkell (Henkell Trocken) who used the camera until 1944, then it went to his son Otto Henkell who passed it on to his eldest son and present owner Hans Henkell.
The camera is well documented in the Leitz archive. It was originally delivered on February 11th, 1931 to Besier Wiesbaden as a Luxus (gold plated) Ic non standard outfit with 4 lenses, it came back to Leitz on April 30th, 1931 for repair and was converted to a Leica II Luxus on May 2nd, 1932, on December 21st, 1933 it was updated to a Leica III Luxus. A copy of a photograph showing Karl Henkell in October 1933 with his (still) Leica II Luxus is included.
The Summar 2/5cm no.190131 was delivered on December 28th, 1933 to Foto Tauber, Wiesbaden as gold plated Sumuskup, the date is very close to the last conversion into Leica III, so WestLicht believes that the camera and the Summar were delivered together on December 28th, 1933.
The Elmar 3.5cm was delivered as a sample lens to a Leitz representative (Barsing, Reise) in 1934 and went back to factory in January 1938. WestLicht thinks that this lens was then used for being gold plated and acquired by Karl Henkell.

Year: 1931/33
Serial no.: 55493

Opening Bid: 150,000 EUR
Estimate: 250,000 - 300,000 EUR

M2 Black Paint + New York Motor Drive

Very early black painted M2 with lever rewind, converted to accept the New York Motor Drive 14000, including original New York Motor Drive no.02474 and maker's box with matching number of body and motor, both in mint condition

Year: 1958
Serial no.: 948983

Opening Bid:  8,000 EUR
Estimate: 14,000 - 16,000 EUR

Leica MP chrome

Chrome MP in near mint and perfect working condition, with matching Leicavit MP, matching chassis number inside the camera (cap), original everready case

Year: 1958
Serial no.: MP-354

Opening bid: 30,000 EUR
Estimate: 50,000 - 60,000 EUR

Leica Ig 24x24 'Prototype'

Leica Ig 24x24 'Prototype' with prototype 5cm SBOOI finder with 24x24mm frame, body shell engraved with no.924904

Year: 1958

Opening bid: 30,000 EUR
Estimate: 50,000 - 60,000 EUR

Leica IIIf black paint 'Swedish Army'

Only 100 cameras with special black painted Elmar 3.5/5cm were manufactured for the Swedish military in 1956. They were winterized to enable them to function in Arctic conditions. This camera is in 100% mint original, never restored condition with matching black Elmar 3.5/5cm no.1427110. The IIIf black is not only one of the top collectors items, but also one of the most attractive military Leica cameras ever! 

Year: 1956
Serial no.: 822943

Opening bid: 30,000 EUR
Estimate: 50,000 - 60,000 EUR

Leica M3 'Prototype'

Extremely rare M3 prototype (pre-series, produced as test cameras in 1952/53). The camera is in beautiful and perfect working condition with original features including film advance lever, external frame counter, early speed dial, shape of selftimer, backdoor with film marker punch and ceramic pressure plate (see Lager I, p.173-175). With matching dual-lever prototype Summicron 2/5cm no.920060 (same '0060' number as the body) in perfect condition (early cap). Rare opportunity to acquire one of the most important cameras in Leica's history in fantastic condition, the camera was never offered in auction before.

Year: c. 1952
Serial no.: 0060

Opening bid: 70,000 EUR
Estimate: 120,000 - 150,000 EUR

Summaron 3.5/3.5cm 'Prototype'

M3 Summaron with prototype serial number '0000117', in near mint condition, engraving is different to later lenses, black painted goggles with condenser logo (caps), this particular lens is illustrated in Paul-Henry van Hasbroeck 'A History Illustrating every Model and Accessory' on p.157, lenses nos.0000118 & 0000119 are illustrated in Paul-Henry van Hasbroeck 'Leica in Colour' p.66&127 - ex Paul-Henry van Hasbroeck collection.

Year: 1954
Serial no.: 0000117

Opening bid: 6,000 EUR
Estimate: 10,000 - 12,000 EUR

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