Thursday, March 21, 2013


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Leica now offers new products for precision shooting: the ER i line of riflescopes and the new CD i reticle. The illuminated dot lets hunters sight on their targets accurately, even in failing light. In contrast, the CD i reticle is constructed for fast and precise target acquisition on driven hunts and in bright daylight.

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ER i Riflescopes with Illuminated Reticles

ER i 3-12 × 50 with high performance

The Leica ER i 3-12 × 50 and ER i 2.5-10 × 42 riflescopes are distinguished by outstanding optical performance and robust mechanical properties. They are available with a choice of two different illuminated reticles. The high-performance ER i 3-12 × 50 riflescope features magnification factors up to 12× and thus provides the ideal preconditions for the precise placement of shots on long-distance targets. Available: innovative rapid reticle adjustment.

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The new CD i Reticle for Magnus Riflescopes

Fast target acquisition in brightly lit situations

Leica reticle CD i stands for Circle Dot Illuminated and describes the key feature of this new reticle especially for driven hunting. Here, a concentric ring is displayed around the post reticle in addition to the illuminated dot. This reticle allows particularly fast and intuitive target acquisition, particularly in brightly lit surroundings.
The new reticle CD i is available for the rifle scopes 1-6.3 × 24 and the 1.5-10 × 42 models of the Leica Magnus line.

The Geovid HD-B in three Leica Sport Optics films

Experienced hunters demonstrate the advantages of the new rangefinding binoculars.

The Geovid HD-B offers three different output formats for three different hunting applications. Three hunters show the situations in which holdover correction, click adjustment or equivalent horizontal distance are most appropriate. It makes no difference whether the hunter uses a bullet drop compensator, a ballistic reticle or a standard hunting reticle like the 4a: the Geovid HD-B always offers the right information at the right time to guarantee accurate and perfectly placed inclined, long range shots. The passionate hunters shown in our films put the rangefinding binoculars through their paces in Europe and the USA. The films will be posted as a series.

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