Monday, December 23, 2013

2014 LEICA CALENDAR is offering a calendar with exquisite photos of classic Leica cameras for 2014.  All photographs were taken by Tom Gill.  The calendar is available in two sizes, standard for $18.95 and large for $26.95.

Leica IIIg - c1957
Leica IIIg, 1957, with 90mm Elmar and 50 mm Elmar

Leica III - c1938
Leica III, 1938, with 28mm Hektor and 135mm Elmar

Leica IIIc - c1944
Leica IIIc, 1944, with 90mm Elmar, two other lenses, Imarect Finder and NOOKY close-up device

Leica Standard - c1932
Leica Standard, 1932, with 50mm Elmar

Leica M2 with dual-range Summicron c1959
Leica M2, 1959, with 50mm Summicron

Leica M9
Leica M9, 2010, 35mm Summilux, 135mm Telyt

Leica IIIf - c1952 with a 20cm Telyt lens and Visoflex I viewer
Leica IIIf, 1952, with 20mm Telyt on Visoflex 1

Leica IIIf - c1954
Leica IIIf, 1954, with 50mm Summarit

Leica I (c1930) with Ur-Leica photo by Oscar Barnak
Leica 1, 1930, with 50mm Elmar

Leica IIIb - c1938 with 8.5cm f/1.5 Summarex lens
Leica IIIb, 1938, with 85mm Summarex

Leica III - c1937 with the special 9cm Thambar lens
Leica III, 1937, with 90mm Thambar

Lecia M4 (c1968)
Leica M4, 1968, with 35mm Summilux

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