Tuesday, December 17, 2013


We just received news from Leica/Sinar of a new adapter that allows the use of the Lweica s system on the Sinar P cameras.  The Sinar website states:

High-end Professional Photography for Leica S Medium Format

The Sinar p MF-L was developed especially for photographers who wish to avail themselves of the unique quality characteristics of a Sinar view camera while using their Leica S high-end medium format camera body. Exact control of perspective and selective sharpness, the most important creative tools in photography, are set and evaluated precisely on a view camera – all these advantages are now available for Leica S users. In addition, this solution offers the benefit of a distinct increase in quality by using high-resolution Sinaron lenses designed specifically for digital imaging.



The Leica S with the Sinar System

In combination with the Sinar p system the Leica S users gain access to professional high-end photography. A wide range of the accessories from the modular Sinar System can be used for the professional work in the studio or outdoor applications. The Sinar p-MF-L solution corresponds to the Sinar philosophy to provide modular systems that always accommodate with the latest trends of the market.

It is surprising to see that this announcement is being made only two weeks after the takeover of Sinar Photography AG, Z├╝rich by Leica.  This new adapter has the following advantages:

>Exact control of perspective, converging and diverging lines and selective focus
>Allows the use of the high resolution Sinaron lenses
>Quick change from horizontal to vertical image layout

All functions of the Leica S can be controlled from a computer via software called CaptureFlow Leica.

The adapter is available for 1590 euros.

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  1. Will this adapter work on other view cameras also?

    1. I doubt it. Based on my experience with Sinar and other view cameras, like Linhof and Cambo, for instance, the backs are not interchangeable. However, Cambo offers one of their cameras with an adapter back to accept Canon, Nikon and some of the Fuji digital cameras. It is conceivable that the future that they might do so for the Leica S system also.