Tuesday, December 17, 2013


In August of this year we reported about a new version of the Petzval lens being developed.

At that time the lens was still in the final development stages.  We are happy to report that the lens is now available for preorder at a cost of $599.  On a first come first served basis.  Lomography, the manufacturer of the lens was able to make this lens become a reality by using Kickstarter to obtain the initial capital for this venture.  Kickstarter backers are receiving the first shipments of the lens now with the preorders being filled after that.


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  1. It is my understanding that the lens will initially be available only with a Nikon mount and later with a Canon mount also. Any indication if it will be available in a Leica mount also?

    1. I doubt that the lens will be available in either the Leica M or Leica R mount. The choice of the Nikon and Canon mount is simply a business decision to assure the company of the largest possible market. However, there are several manufacturers that make adapter for either the Nikon or Canon mount to allow the use of the lens on either the Leica M or Leica Digilux 3.

  2. Sounds like an interesting lens, especially for portraits. How does it compare to the Leitz Thambar?

  3. I have only seen a few sample pictures taken with the new Petzval lens; that isn't enough to make any sensible comparison to the Thambar. In general, the Thambar is more versatile because it allows to vary the sharpness or softness of the image. Shooting at small apertures will render maximum sharpness while shooting at larger apertures or with the center spot attached will allow for vrious amounts of soft focus. This is something the Petzval lens cannot do. But I must say that the samples I have seen point to a very nice characteristic of the lens, very much useful for portraits and other shots where a more "dreamlike" rendering of the image is desirable.