Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Tamarkin Camera announced a Leica Street Photography weekend in Chicago,  Friday  through Sunday on September 30 to October 2, 2016.  This announcement is a special Tamarkin Camera Midwest opportunity to book one of twelve spots in this amazing Leica Street Photography Weekend with the Leica Akademie and Leica photographers Nicholas Pinto and Aziz Yazdani.

Designed to provide inspiration to both experienced and up and coming photographers, this program provides the opportunity to receive hands-on critical feedback, both in the classroom and on the street.

Leica M cameras have been synonymous with classic street photography ever since the first Leica M was brought forth in 1954, this program continues the tradition, focusing on the essence of both the technical aspects and the creative approaches to Street Photography.

The weekend format will kick off with an evening lecture on Friday night and the chance to check out Leica gear for the entire workshop. Saturday will include both morning and afternoon shooting sessions. Sunday the group with come together for one of one review of the pictures taken, as well as a group critique.
Topics covered include:
  • A short history of street photography
  • Approaches to photographing strangers
  • Focusing quickly
  • Developing long term projects
  • Moving from inspiration to finding your own style.
  • Strategies for editing.
Who should take this workshop?

If you have ever been curious as to what it takes to make great pictures in the street and want to explore these techniques and get feedback on your photography, than this is the program for you.

Participants should be prepared to try new techniques and get out of their “comfort zone” or established way of shooting.

Leica M and Monochrom cameras will be available during the workshop, but you are not required to use or own a Leica camera to attend the program.

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