Friday, September 9, 2016


Meyer Optik Görlitz announced they are planning to bring back the Wonder Bokeh Lens to today's photography  the fabulous Primoplan 58 f1.9.
80 years after Meyer Optik's ingenious engineer Paul Schaefter constructed the Primoplan 58/ f 1.9, they are breathing life into one of the most famous lenses of all times – known for its ability to create different bokeh effects all with one lens. This lens gives photographers a tool which truly enables them to express themselves in different ways with this single lens.


The Primoplan 58/ f 1.9 was historically the founding element of the so called night Exakta a famous camera of the 50s. This lens was the fastest lens for the famous Exakta and the successor of one of the most sought after lenses, the so-called Kinoplasmat by Dr. Paul Rudolph, one of the most ingenious optical enigeneers of all time. The Primoplan lenses are designed by members of the original development Meyer-Optik team in Görlitz.  They are handmade in Germany.

Photographers have the choice of creating a bokeh of melting, rotating bubbles, catching light reflections softly or to compose a creamy, dreamlike background.  Furthermore, he can employ the unique, discrete swirl of the lens, thus dramatically enhancing a portrait or making use of the wonderful and smooth transitions from fuzziness to classical sharpness.

Good news for all Pentax Users: We have just added Pentax-K to the list of available camera mounts.

All these capabilities are in the photographer's hand with this single lens – this is a true wonder bokeh lens. Images created with the Primoplan 58/ f 1.9 lens do not need post-processing filters – this is pure art.

Built with an optical construction of five lenses, the new Primoplan 58/ f 1.9 is at the same time a mechanical masterpiece. Meyer Optic engineers have integrated the five lenses into a very small housing almost the same as the equally famous Trioplan 50.  With this lens you add yet another fantastic piece of creativity to your fingertips. Don’t miss this opportunity and check out the possibilities of this truly wonder bokeh lens. Get one lens and have the creativity of four lenses in your hand.

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