Wednesday, February 21, 2018


By F. W. Rüttinger
Translated from German by Heinz Richter

Of this very little known variant of the Leica Ig perhaps only 100 were built.

It differs from the standard Leica Ig by the missing flash synch and the slow speeds, since these were not needed in the specialized use of the Repro.

The Ig Repro was meant to be used on the Reprovit II with a magnetic triggering device AMTOO (cat. 16777).  The flash synch was accomplished with the camera set at “B” and a special cable release connected to a special, magnetic trigger would set the shutter speed automatically via a timer.

For easier film and shutter winding, the special winding knob AQOOT (cat. 14014) was installed (see photo).

This version of the Leica Ig was sold in 1958-59 only to the industrial market.

It is unknown to the author if any Leica Ig Repro cameras were offered on the collectors market in recent years, so it is impossible to establish a current market value.  It is safe to assume that the price would be very high indeed if a Leica Ig Repro should be offered for sale.

Leica Ig Repro (front) with the special winding knob attached.
As with the Leica IIf, there is no slow speed adjustment dial

Leica Ig Repro (back).  Note the absence of the flash synch outlet.

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  1. Aren't you putting too much emphasis on collectibles?

  2. So far this month I published 20 articles. Of those 6 articles deal directly with collectible pieces of Leica equipment. How is this too much emphasis on collectibles?

  3. Some people just aren't happy unless they have something to complain about, and if there isn't anything, they'll make something up.

  4. Don't allow complainers like that influence you. I for one welcome the articles dealing with the history of the Leica, especially in view of the fact that photography today would look quite different without the Leica. As you said on several occasions, there is no other camera that influenced photography as much as Leica has done.

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  6. I have seen a number of Ig cameras offered on eBay. A collection I valued for probate a few years ago, contained 2 of them. I was supposed to get one as my valuation fee (it was a very extensive collection, many lumped together in cardboard boxes). I cleaned and sorted out the whole collection and photographed for sale purposes. When I went to collect my "fee" I found a dealer had sneaked in and bought the lot for way below correct value and my fee was gone. The legatees, did not seem to understand why I was exceeding annoyed. I now know that even when dealing with friends of friends, you get this sort of agreement on a shake of hands, all in writing.

    1. If it is any consolation, this happens fairly often. I have dealt with quite a few individuals who got into possession of Leica equipment from a relative, who didn't know anything about it. I usually helped them to find a buyer or sold it for them on consignment. They could have easily been taken advantage of by others.