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WestLicht reports:

Our upcoming auctions will for the first time take place on two consecutive days:
the Photo Auction on November 23rd and
the Camera Auction on November 24th.

Here are some of the Leica cameras offered:

I Mod.A Anastigmat no. 195 (1925)

The first model Leica is one of the most rare cameras if it is in original condition, the offered camera is one of the very few existing with all original early features, it comes with expertise by Ottmar Michaely from Wetzlar.

Opening Bid: 40,000 EUR
Estimate: 70,000-90,000 EUR

Leica I Mod.A Elmar Luxus no. 28692 (1929)

The very first 'Luxus' (see 'Hahne' list) in 100% original and fine condition. The camera with gold plated metal parts and lizard skin body was never restored and has the typical and original patina. Only 95 'Luxus' cameras were produced from 1929 to 1931, some were converted, very very few exist in this original condition.

Opening Bid: 70,000 EUR
Estimate: 120,000-140,000 EUR

Leica II Mod.D 'Robert Capa' no. 90023 (1930)

A historic sensation is the discovery of Robert Capa's first Leica (given to him by Mr.Guttmann, owner of the Hungarian Agency Dephot)- from the estate of Capa's mother Julie Friedman ('Mother Goose'), it comes with Elmar 3.5/5cm no.133594, case and original letters between Mother Goose and the Austrian in New York based photographer Lisl Steiner (she received the camera from Capa's mother in early 1960s. Magnum photographer Robert Capa was born 1913 in Budapest and died in Thai Binh, Vietnam on May 25th,1954.

Opening Bid: 8,000 EUR
Estimate: 15,000-18,000 EUR

Leica 250 GG “Aeronautica” no.353679 (1943)

Extremely rare Leica 250 for the Italian Air force in WWII, motor coupled, in very good original condition, with matching Elmar 3.5/5cm no.545390 (cap), delivered on 28th May, 1943 to Cattaneo (delivery number 1452), engraved 'E. Aeronautica' and 'M' next to the serial number.

Opening Bid: 15,000 EUR
Estimate: 25,000-30,000 EUR

Leica IIIc K grey 'Heer' no. 389960 K (1943)

100% authentic and very rare camera in extremely fine condition, engraved 'Heer' on top plate, white K on shutter blind, grey leather covering, delivered to Berlin (Bln) on August 23rd, 1943 (delivery number 9921), matching Summitar 2/5cm no.560125 (cap) engraved 'Heer', delivered to Berlin (Bln) on June 3rd, 1941 (delivery number 25483) - a similar camera and lens is illustrated in Lager Vol.I p.88+89.

Opening Bid: 6,000 EUR
Estimate: 12,000-14,000 EUR

Leica Standard 'New York' outfit no. 355148 (1949)

Rare post-war chrome 'New York' Standard in fine condition with 3 matching Wollensack lenses and matching accessories: Velostigmat 3.5/50mm no.499514 (cap), Velostigmat 4.5/90mm no.501090 (caps), rare Leica Anastigmat 4.5/127mm no.439031 (caps), with red E.Leitz Inc., N.Y. presentations box for camera, E.Leitz Inc. New York display stand with red velvet top, IMARECT viewfinder (in box), black FISON hood, 2 filters (SL and polariser), brown leather case in maker's box, 3 leather keepers (two in maker's boxes), strap in packaging, focusing stage with chrome 5x magnifier and instructions in maker's box, adjustable Micrometer extension tube in maker's box and very rare 16476 21.5mm extension ring in maker's box - the most complete New York outfit we have ever seen!

Opening Bid: 9,000 EUR
Estimate: 16,000-20,000 EUR

Leica M3 Prototype Cut-Away (1952)

one of only 2 original cut-away of the prototype M3, in perfect condition, this camera is illustrated in Lager Vol.1 pg.176.

Opening Bid: 70,000 EUR
Estimate: 140,000-160,000 EUR

Leica M3 'Prototyp' no. 0024 (c. 1952)

Extremely rare M3 prototype (pre-series, produced as test cameras in 1952/53). The camera is in beautiful and perfect working condition with all original features including film advance lever, external frame counter, early speed dial, shape of selftimer, backdoor with film marker punch and ceramic pressure plate (see Lager vol.I, p.173-175). It comes with dual-lever prototype Summicron 2/5cm no.920056 in perfect condition. Rare opportunity to acquire one of the most important cameras in Leica's history in fantastic condition, the camera was never offered in auction before. Illustrated in Paul-Henry van Hasbroeck 'Leica A History every Model and Accessory' p.105

Opening Bid: 90,000 EUR
Estimate: 160,000-180,000 EUR

Leica M3 chrome Double Stroke no. 700001 (1953)

This is the very first production Leica M3 with prototype dual-lever Summicron 2/5cm no.922006. Leitz company reserved the numbers from 700000 for the new M3 in 1953, but serial number 700000 was kept for a special reason (the serial number was used 2 years later for the presentation camera to Prof. Kruckenhauser). The real first production camera 700001 (finished in September/October 1953 - see the list of Arthur Dauber from the developing department of Leitz company) was given to Willi Stein, chief designer of Leitz company, in 1975 it was acquired by Theo Kisselbach (see 'Vidom 87' pg.16), since 1984 it is in possession of his son Günter Kisselbach. During its possession by Willi Stein the camera received a different body shell with grey leather, now Ottmar Michaely from Wetzlar mounted again the original body with 4 screws to secure the top plate. The prototype Summicron no. 922006 is described in 'Vidom 92 pg.9. This most important Leica camera is in perfect working and near mint condition!

Opening Bid: 80,000 EUR
Estimate: 160,000-200,000 EUR

Leica M3D Black Paint no. M3D-2 (1955)

Famous forerunner of all MP cameras specially designed and built for the famous photographer David Douglas Duncan. Only 4 cameras (M3D-1 to 4) were produced almost 2 years before the MP reached the market. It was used for many years by Duncan. The offered black paint camera is still in very good condition with black Leicavit (engraved 'Leicavit' without 'MP') and black paint Summilux 1.4/50mm no.2028874 with special focusing lever (this lens is illustrated in Lager I pg.185 with M3D-4). The camera complete with special crank on rewind knob and Duncan's original strap - from a private collection, the camera was owned until 2007 by David Douglas Duncan.

Opening Bid: 150,000 EUR
Estimate: 250,000-350,000 EUR

Leica MP Black Paint no. MP-21 (1958)

Very early and fully original black paint MP (the camera has never been modified and comes with the black Leicavit MP, the typical rewind crank used by Magnum photographer, and a Elmarit 2.8/28mm no.2062373) used for many years by it's first owner, Magnum photographer Paul Fusco (born 1930), who started his work for Look. He became an associate of Magnum Photos in 1973 and a full member a year later. Over the years, Fusco also contributed to such publications as Life, Mother Jones, the New York Times Magazine, Newsweek, Psychology Today and Time. His photography often documented social issues and injustices, such as poverty, ghetto life, and cultural experimentation across America. He also worked internationally covering events in Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. In the late 1990s he spent two months documenting the legacy of the Chernobyl meltdown in Belarus. Fusco moved to Mill Valley, California in the 1980s but is now based in New York City. Many of his photographs are in the Magnum Photos archive currently held at the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas at Austin. For all his work he used this and the 2 other Leica MP cameras (MP-46, MP-228) offered in this auction.
('Peter, it is very interesting and pleasurable to be involved with you in this kind of
mythical adventure about these truly beautiful cameras'), included photographs showing Paul Fusco with his cameras and letter of confirmation by Paul Fusco.

Opening Bid: 40,000 EUR
Estimate: 80,000-100,000 EUR

Leica MP Schwarz Lackiert no. MP-43 (1958)

rare black paint MP in unbelievable, almost new condition, according to Leica expert Ottmar Michaely all parts are vintage and original, the camera is in perfect working order, with Leicavit MP and Summarit 1.5/5cm no.1517150, XOONS hood, special and original case, instructions.

Opening Bid: 70,000 EUR
Estimate: 120,000-150,000 EUR

Leica MP Black Paint no. 138 (1958)

Beautiful black MP with Leicavit MP and black Summicron 2/5cm no.1474857. According to the original Leitz invoices and documentary (all enclosed) the previous owner got the camera restored by Leitz in 1972. The original correspondence between Leitz and the owner shows all works done and completed. One of very few restored cameras with the fully documentation by Leitz.

Opening Bid: 30,000 EUR
Estimate: 50,000-60,000 EUR

Leica M3 black paint no. 1157591 (1966)

Beautiful camera in almost mint, fully original and good working condition, one of the latest black paint M3 produced in 1966 from an official batch.

Opening Bid: 9,000 EUR
Estimate: 18,000-20,000 EUR

Leica UW Underwater housing no. 240-0044 (c.1970)

extremely rare, red-painted underwater housing for the US Army, Elcan 90°/2.8, the device is in almost new condition, with the original Leitz Canada user manual, special Samsonite case marked 'KG-24 UNDERWATER 35mm FORMAT CAMERA LEICA UW F42600-80-C-0278'

Opening Bid: 25,000 EUR
Estimate: 50,000-60,000 EUR

M6 'Queen Elisabeth' (1986)

chrome M6, topplate engraved 'E II R 1986', according to the letter of authenticy by Lars Netopil Classic Cameras from Wetzlar this camera is the original sample by Leica company of M6 no.1682800 delivered to her Majesty the Queen Elisabeth II in 1986, the unnumbered camera is in perfect condition and comes with a dummy Summicron 2/50mm

Opening Bid: 18,000 EUR
Estimate: 35,000-40,000 EUR

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