Monday, March 18, 2013



Minox announced a new edition of the classic miniature version of the Leica M3 with 14 megapixels and 2” monitor

The extravagant miniaturized MINOX DCC has long become one of the world’s coveted classics. With the new Digital Classic Camera 14.0, MINOX now presents a 14 megapixel edition of this classic. Designed in fascinating detail and with a sophisticated stylish format the new Digital Classic Camera MINOX DCC 14.0 is a true example of first-class German engineering from the fifties. Devotees of timeless elegance and precision mechanics will find it hard to resist the amazing look and feel of the camera. This small ingenious masterpiece in a scale of 1:3 is no ordinary digital camera and quietly reflects its owner’s confidence in style.

Minox DCC-14.0 Chrome

Minox DCC-14.0 Black

14.0 megapixel CMOS sensor
5-element lens with IR filter glass
Video mode in AVI format
SD cards up to 32 GB
Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
4x digital zoom
Also available in silver

Besides the usual accessories like cases, straps etc., Minox offers two interesting items, a wide angle and a tele converter, both of which are added to the front of the fixed lens of the camera.  The wide angle converter widens the field of view by 0.67 times, decreasing the focal length from 42mm to 28mm.  The the tele converter increases the focal length by 1.5 times from 42mm to 63mm.

Minox 1.5 x Tele Converter

Minox 0.67 x Wide Angle converter

Technical Data MINOX DCC 14.0 

Image sensor                          14 MP, CMOS sensor
Image resolution                     Still: 4.352 x 3.264 pixels
Videoclip:                                640 x 480 Pixel
Memory                                    Optional SD cards up to 32 GB (SDHC)
Viewfinder                                Optical viewfinder (Galilean-Style)
Display                                     2,0’’ TFT LCD display
Flash                                         Compatible with MINOX Classic Camera Flash
Lens                                          5-element glass lens with IR filter glass
Focal length                              7.35 mm (approx. 41 mm at 35 mm format)
Lens aperture                           F 2.4
Zoom                                         4x digital zoom
Focus range                             0.5 m, 1m, infinity
White balance                          Automatic
Shutter speed                          Automatic
Self timer                                 10 seconds
Power supply                           Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery / USB cable
File format                                Still: JPEG
Video: AVI
Systen requirements               Windows XP/VISTA/7/MacOS compatible
Computer interface                 USB cable
Dimensions                             82 mm(L) x 67 mm(W) x 46 mm(H)
Weight                                     113.5 g / 4 oz.
Order Number                         60690 black
  60720 silver


  1. Cute. Question, the lens says that the focal length is 7.4mm. You state that the wide angle converter shortens the focal length to 28mm and the tele converter increases to 63mm. Are those figures the focal length equivalent of a full frame or 35mm camera?

    1. Yes, those are 35mm equivalent figures. With the various sensor sizes of digital cameras, and the subsequent different focal lenghs, it is much easier and a lot less confusing to use 35mm equivalent figures. This way one set of numbers fits all cameras.