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Every once in a while we come across a new accessory and software from other manufacturers that can greatly enhance the versatility of Leica equipment.  One such accessory is the LensTRUE System by JOBO.  It promises an alternative to adjustable cameras and offers technically perfect images without distortion and vignetting.  The Lens TRUE System is accompanied by the Lens TRUE System M, designed for medium format  digital cameras.

Every photographer knows the problem of perspective distortion. Modern image manipulation software allows some corrections but in most cases these corrections are cumbersome and time-consuming. They still render wrong proportions as all these corrections are made only by hand and rely on visual approximation. Even with Photoshop’s “perspective control” features the most you can achieve is rendering that is only similar to the real proportions.

Unlike the equalization or correction of perspectively distorted image with the use of mechanical shifts or conventional image editing software the LensTRUE system solves the problem by combining hardware and software.

The LensTRUE System consists of an electronic inclinometer (LensTRUE meter) to measure and register the angular position. In a second step the RAW files are combined with the meter data in the correction software (LensTRUE final) and descewed automatically in both levels. Even photographs without reference lines and without perpendicular objects are corrected to the real proportions  even when the horizon is not aligned.

The prerequisite for the use of LensTRUE is a sensor resolution of eight megapixels. However, the higher the sensor resolution, the more the camera can be angled. The limit of the automatic correction with LensTrue is 35 degrees. In practice, the inclinometer is mounted on a tripod and connected to the camera. The inclinometer records the data of the camera position in every shot. The LensTRUE Software writes the information gained in the metadata of the image file and uses it for the perspective correction. The image information is automatically corrected, however, the correction by LensTRUE leads to a change of the image format.


LT 7_DD_Original        LT 7_DD_LT

In a sense LensTRUE transforms all your lenses into shift lenses – even the zoom lenses! This means you can use any focal length and you can shoot without a tripod – and still attain proportionally correct images formerly only achieved by using special Tilt & Shift Lenses.  The LEICA S6 is already profiled with the most important lenses.  Soon Leica S007 and Leica SL will follow.

LensTRUE opens up a new world of possibilities for photo production of architecture, industry, art objects, stills, fashion or beauty, all the way to portrait photography. With LensTRUE you can unleash your creativity in a new way without either limiting yourself to the central perspective or accepting perspective distortions.

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