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Leica has released a new firmware version for the T (Typ 701) camera: version 1.5. The firmware adds a major new feature that allows users to connect an iOS or Android device directly to the T via Wi-Fi, instead of needing an existing Wi-Fi network, when using the Leica T App.  In addition, the firmware includes many user-requested changes such as the ability to lock the dials and set auto review to “off”, as well as general bug fixes and an improvement in focusing speed.  For detailed instructions on how to upload the new firmware go to our friends at LeicaStore Miami


In the latest updates from Adobe, Lightroom CC 2015.4  and v6.4 for those on standalone versions, official support for Leica X-U (Typ 113) and Leica M (Typ 262) DNG files have been added. Photoshop Camera Raw 9.4 is also available for update as well, offering the same support for those using Photoshop and Bridge. This is a timely release as the first X-U cameras are now being shipped to customers.Along with the camera support updates, there are some other improvements as well, including:

> The panorama merging process should complete roughly twice as fast as Lightroom 6.3
> Improved quality when applying Auto Straighten and Upright “Level” mode
> A preference was added to the Mac to prevent accidental “speed swiping”
> Metadata is added to merged panoramas to support Photoshop’s Adaptive Wide Angle filter
> Customers can now set the location of where photos are stored when downloaded from > Lightroom mobile or Lightroom web in the preference panel or contextually in the folder panel
> Thumbnails update much quicker when copying and pasting settings in the grid view
> Images load faster in the Library module when you are zoomed in and navigating images

There is also a noteworthy new featured, called Boundary Warp, that has been introduced in this release. Adobe explains it this way:

Stitched panoramas often have non-rectangular boundaries. There are several ways to handle irregular boundaries. The most common approach is to apply a rectangular crop. This is straightforward, but important image details near the boundary may be lost due to cropping. Another approach is to use Content Aware Fill (in Photoshop) to fill in the transparent areas outside the boundary. This can be effective, but may require multiple attempts to obtain a satisfying (smooth, artifact-free) result. It can also be expensive and requires rendering out the panorama to an output-referred(non-raw) format. Boundary Warp is a feature that provides another approach to handling the irregular boundary of panoramas. The feature analyzes the boundary and warps the image so that its edges fit a rectangular frame.

And, of course, there are some bug fixes as well:

> Auto Sync of some settings failed when using smart previews
> Lightroom would ignore model-specific custom default settings for some cameras, including some Leica and Sony models.
> Crop resets to image bounds when adjusting rotation via slider
> In Lights Out mode, an image would “disappear” if a customer uses the Undo functionality
> Soft Proofing RGB readout values differed for same file between 5.7.1 and 6.x
> Import from iPhoto would result in all photos receiving a “pick” flag
> Comments from Lightroom web come in to Lightroom on the desktop as already “read.”
> Lightroom would not display the correct EXIF metadata for some video files generated by Canon, Fuji and Panasonic cameras
> Vertical panoramas created using Merge could appear with the wrong orientation
> The video cache did not respect the maximum size specified in the preferences
> Customers experienced issues importing video files in some scenarios

Upgrades are available immediately at


After a few iterations of Beta plug-ins from Adobe, we now have full and stable tethering support for the Leica S (Typ 007) in Lightroom. The functionality isn’t natively in Lightroom yet, so don’t be looking for an in-app CC update. For now, users will have to download and install the plug-in to add tethering support for the Leica S. And, currently, the plug-in is only offered for those running Adobe Lightroom on Mac OS X v10.10 and v10.11 (Yosemite and El Capitan). Support for Microsoft Windows should be coming soon.

Leica has also updated their Image Shuttle software to v3.2, which now offers users the ability to remotely operate all capture relevant controls (shutter speed, aperture, ISO, etc.) as well as use Live View to compose and autofocus anywhere in the frame. For those wanting to shoot tethered into programs without native support for the Leica S, like Capture One, Image Shuttle offers a method to do so.

On a technical note, Leica indicates that it is very important that the camera’s user profile in the camera is NOT changed during tethered connection as this may cause a software crash and/or image loss. User profiles should not be changed when the camera is connected to a computer.

Registered Leica S owners can log into the Leica owners’ area and download the Adobe plug-in and Image Shuttle software, along with manuals from


To move the last of the original Leica M Monochrom cameras, many dealers offer a substantial discount  of $2451 to make room for the new Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246).  Leica Store Miami currently sells the camera $5499 and used models for only $3405 and $3695.


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