Friday, February 12, 2016


Please welcome our new sponsor Oberwerth.  They are a manufacturer of very high class, handmade camera bags from Germany.  Oberwerth is not just a bag.  Oberwerth is an idea.  A statement.  A belief.  High quality, craftsmanship and sustainable, responsible production are the values that drive them.  This is why they combine the finest materials, the most intelligent design and the highest quality of finish to create a product that pleases, impresses and inspires across the board.

All Oberwerth camera bags are 100 percent handmade.  All bags are the culmination of the highest standards and uncompromising quality. To achieve this, they strive for top quality and use only the best materials such as full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather and sturdy CORDURA® manufactured in Germany.  Every Oberwerth bag is finished perfectly right down to the last stitch, which creates an outstanding look and feel. The top-quality fastenings and seams are the final touches to an unparalleled blend of high-end materials.

Of special interest to Leica owners is the WETZLAR bag.  It was designed with mspecial input from Leica owners.  The bag takes Oberwerth bags in a new, sportier direction. Made of high-quality leather and sturdy CORDURA®, it is more spacious than the Freiburg bag, but is still compact and lightweight.  This beautifully made bag is the perfect option for ambitious photographers who are looking to transport their valuable equipment securely yet stylishly.  The Wetzlar has space for up to two camera bodies and two lenses or one lens and a flash unit. There is also room for your rangefinder, power adaptor and personal items in the spacious front and side pockets.


The removable CORDURA® insert is fleece-lined and provides top-notch protection for your valuable equipment. The integrated air cushion between these layers protects your equipment from impact, moisture and other external influences. The top of the insert contains two leather pockets for your memory cards.

The Oberwerth Wetzlar is almost entirely made of vegetable-tanned leather; only the two front pockets are made of extremely durable CORDURA®, creating a high-quality mix of materials.

The Wetzlar was first introduced at the Leica Erlebnistage at Leica Camera AG.  It was immediately welcomed as a welcome addition.  Many welcomed the fact that it could hold two Leica M bodies with attached lenses.  GHowever, it was also noticed that the camera bodies disappeared relatively far toward the bottom of the bag.  Upon the advice of Leica owners, Oberwerth decided to redesign the bag  with a special, thick padding.  This not only helped for the cameras to sit more to the top, it also added some special protection.  To perfect the redesign, it took Oberwerth eight weeks to do so.

External dimensions: 30 x 21,5 x 15,5 cm
Internal dimensions: 25 x 19,5 x 13 cm
Weight: 1150g

Oberwerth bags are available in the US from our friends at Leica Store Miami, Leica Store San Francisco, Leica Store Soho, Leica Store Bellevueand several other companies.


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