Friday, April 15, 2016


Leica SL Firmware Update 2.0

Leica Camera AG has released a firmware update for the Leica SL. This new firmware update improves the performance of your Leica SL and brings you numerous new features and options.  It promises to make this already outstanding camera even better.  

Here is the Leica Press Release:

The firmware update 2.0 is now available for the mirrorless Leica SL camera system launched in October 2015. Registered camera owners can log in to the Leica Owner’s Area ( (link is external)) and download the new firmware or take advantage of the opportunity to have their camera brought up to date by the free update installation service offered in all Leica Stores.

The numerous new features contained in firmware update 2.0 further improve the performance of the Leica SL and enable a faster photographic workflow. For example, the autofocus function has been revised and optimized. Already impressively fast in combination with SL-Lenses, the currently fastest autofocus available now offers even faster focusing, higher precision and optimized subject tracking. A further improvement increases the number of AF focusing points available for the single point AF setting to 529. Also new is direct exposure compensation controlled by the top dial and the click wheel on the back of the camera in the three automatic exposure modes, P, T and A. The firmware update also extends the range of shutter speeds. As of now, time exposures of up to 30 minutes can be captured automatically without extra aids and, thanks to the fast, electronically controlled aperture of the lenses, exposures can now be made with a highest shutter speed of 1/16000s.

Further improvements have been made with regard to JPG quality, white balance, the video menu, Auto ISO options and the focus peaking function. Images in DNG format can now also be magnified for better evaluation. The camera is also now compatible with all Leica flash units. An update to the app to allow the use of the optimised functions and three noise reduction settings round off the improvements provided by this latest firmware update.

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